SCEE: 'Nothing To Announce' Regarding PlayStation Vita UK Price Cut

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has told that this morning's PlayStation Vita price "is for the SCE Japan region only" and it has "nothing to announce at this time regarding pricing within [Europe]".

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NastyLeftHook02010d ago

hehe, the anticipation if crazy

darthv722010d ago

Of course they will say that. It will all be explained on Wednesday the 20th.

They dont want the cat escaping the bag too soon.

LOL_WUT2010d ago

This is a big opportunity to turn the Vita around Sony don't blow it ;)

ritsuka6662009d ago

No....we really don't. I don't think the price cut materially improves Vita's situation in this days..

DarkHeroZX2009d ago

Will you take your un- educated, stupid comments elsewhere? Seriously you troll every Vita article lol. If The Vita can turn around big in Japan then that's really all that matters. But a price drop everywhere else will do wonders for Sony. THe 3DS was in the exact same boat back then as well.

tubers2009d ago

It's not enough.. but it's a darn good start for Sony to start ironing the VITA situation.

Prodigy-X2010d ago

They're waiting for the meeting on the Wensday.

Sanquine902010d ago

Scee Europe YOU SUCK! I bought the vita first day and i think they should lower the price (Price drop) to make the audience bigger

Sanquine902009d ago

Disagrees? I have two vita's i always support them but SCEE always have the worst deals. Look at Japan and NA.

Europe is the biggest sony supporter but we get the least/.

Wintersun6162009d ago

People are expecting to hear about a price cut for Vita in western regions on wednesday in the PS meeting. Hold your horses and be patient for a couple more days.

Sanquine902009d ago

Price cut? I rather have more games announced. Still a step in the right direction

Rockefellow2009d ago

People who comment on their disagrees are the worst commenters of them all.

Muffins12232009d ago

Acully japan is the biggest sony supporter but nice try..

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NaiNaiNai2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

There is a reason no one is agreeing with you..

Root2010d ago

It's SCEE what do you expect, they are terrible

Hopefully with the PS4 they will have just one global SCE