Destiny is the Halo MMO You've Always Wanted

Destiny is a "shared-world shooter," according to Bungie. With a constant internet connection, players will travel accross the galaxy, running into other players wherever they go: They can choose to team up, trade weapons and gear, chat, or simply go it alone. Destiny is, in the strictest sense, a massively multiplayer online game.

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Septic1975d ago

There are quite a few unknowns though;

How many people can play at once? How many players on screen? Is it actually MMO numbers or a dozen or so?

The worlds; how do you travel? Apart from other planets, can you just traverse Earth and go from area to area?

Vehicles: Will there be ground vehicles and if so, why? You can fly ships, do you actually have to travel to your destination? Wouldn't it be cool if you actually had a proper ship with one player being a pilot and others part of the crew?

Levelling up? Will there be player levels and does this determine who you can fight with in player vs player matches?

Whilst we have a vague idea of how ambitious this project is, we really don't know very much at all about the game to determine whether this really will be a Halo MMO.

We need more info!!

Hingle_Mcringleberry1975d ago

An open world Halo game with one huge mega map? Count me in! I want to be able to fly for hours (minutes really) from one end of the map to the other end (or better yet, all the way around!)

ThatXboxGuy1975d ago

Yep.Bungie is finally free from the shackles of oppression! Now they can make the game they always wanted.And it will be on Sony platforms now :)

Tee hee

1975d ago