Face the music, gaming overachievers: This 13-year-old boy runs his own mobile game startup

GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi interviews 13-year-old Jordan Casey about making mobile games.

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wita1920d ago

Wow. We're all incredibly unaccomplished in comparison.

deantak1920d ago

Yeah, I kinda wish I was 13 again.

Tolkoto1920d ago

Minus the part where I was ugly and annoying.

Sadie21001920d ago

I wish I could be at this dinner between Dean Takahashi and this kid entrepreneur. I bet that was a really fascinating conversation!

darkronin2291920d ago

Another reason to drink on this fine Monday morning.

ZoyosJD1920d ago

IF you thought the 11 year old hackers story wasn't true, this may make you reevaluate your position on the plausibility of that situation. I tell you, some kids can do amazing things when they set their mind to it.

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