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Fatal Frame 2 gave me a workout

10m ago - TT writes: "I can mostly play Fatal Frame 2 without being terrified these days. Which is too bad,... | PS2

Celebrating The Fatal Frame Series

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Why #Gamergaters Piss Me The F*** Off

14m ago - Dear #Gamergaters, Do you know why you piss me the fu** off? Because you’re lazy. You’re ig... | Culture

Pedro19 interview, the man behind the PC Master Race

16m ago - eurogamer writes "I am an avowed fan of consoles, its games and all the culture that surrounds th... | PC

Get an exclusive guaranteed access alpha key in Curse Voice

Now - Curse is running an exclusive giveaway for Evolve. Download Curse Voice to grab your key so you can play in the Evolve alpha this weekend | Promoted post

Nintendo Is Strongly Considering Region-Unlocking Its Hardware

17m ago - "Company CEO Satoru Iwata says region-locking has existed due to certain issues on the sellers' s... | Nintendo DS