Human Element Sheds Light on Next-Gen Consoles Release Date

After Robert Bowling left the Call of Duty series, fans were devastated that one of their favorite series might not be the same ever again. But what Bowling announced after his departure left nothing but smiles on gamer’s faces as he announced the creation of Robotoki. This is a new independent game company lead by Bowling with a team of other individuals working together to create new great games for players to enjoy. Instead of sticking himself to the one-note series, Bowling left to express his talent and creativity in other ways. This was one great step for Bowling and one step that would leave a good mark on the gaming industry.

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TheSuperior 1951d ago

People are so stupid to think the next gen consoles are coming this year. Announcments are coming but we wont be seeing these things for another year or 2 at least.

classic2001951d ago

LOOL I like to see the look on your face later this year.

xruiner891951d ago

Or the look on his face this Wednesday when they announce the PS4 is coming this year.

GadgetGooch1951d ago

Really? Just....Really???

FarCryLover1821951d ago

Say what?

That's the old way they used to announce consoles.

Now they announce them and get them to you in the same year.

FamilyGuy1950d ago

If not this year then the very beginning of next year. I think Sony has learned not to make announcements that make not see the light of day for two years so most of us are pretty confident they're gonna push for a holiday 2013 release.

Y_51501950d ago

This is so funny to me. It's funny cause it's dumb. It's dumb cause we'll see the new consoles this year and we'll be playing the consoles this year.

Psn8001950d ago

We will see next gen consoles this year .

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MoonWheel1951d ago

Just because the game is releasing in 2015 doesn't mean next gen consoles would release around that time. Human Element just got started on development so of course it will take time to make the game. This game was never said to be a launch title or something. This article really makes no sense at all.

DeadlyFire1950d ago

Someone just doesn't understand that launching with the new consoles is a sales risk. Launching a year or so after with potential base of 10+ Million users is almost certain to gather you a marginal profit. Its a business decision more than anything else. The main reason most games will probably launch on current gen and next gen consoles for at least the next two years.

IK IR Y IP T1950d ago

they are def coming out this year

Decaf_PIxel_Kat1950d ago

Announcement and release this year.