Wii U Pro Controller Now Working With PC And Mac

TeHaxor69 from the GBAtemp forums has managed to get the Wii U Pro Controller working on both Windows and Mac

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Qrphe1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )


Now the Wii U Gamepad please!

darthv721945d ago

i mean the layout is very similar to the 360 controller so it could have been just a few tweaks to the drivers that support the 360 one.

nukeitall1945d ago

Well, the layout of the controller is independent of the technology behind it.

This is nice, but I fail to see any point in this. The Xbox 360 controller is supported with official drivers and many PC games by default support it.

Why mess around with the Wii U controller, especially when the Xbox 360 is better?

CaptainN1945d ago

Well Nukeitall, one, not everyone has a 360 controller, so they might already have this instead and want the option to use it.

Two, that's your opinion that the 360 controller is better. I do like the 360 controller, but after using the Pro controller I now prefer that over 360. Which is "better" is subjective to the individual. But in my opinion the joysticks on top feel more natural, and the D-Pad is far superior.

Qrphe1945d ago

As already mentioned by nukeitail, the layout has nothing to do with the technology behind the controller (I'm sure the technologies in controllers are different enough to avoid patent-issues anyway).


Because not everyone likes the 360 controller.

PopRocks3591945d ago


I would never play an older game with the 360's cruddy d-pad for one thing. This is great for me since I play a number of 2D games on my computer now and again.

darthv721945d ago

really cant be that different. i mean you have dual analog sticks and face buttons and triggers. the function of those are pretty standard.

so while the design may be just different to avoid patent issues, the form and function would more than likely be similar enough to adapt the direct input driver in windows to recognize this as 'roughly' the same as a 360 controller.

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Ace_Pheonix1945d ago

Yeah, it always has been supported. It's called a 360 controller.

dubberman1945d ago

Yeah, but now you can play 2D games with a d-pad as opposed to the sponge cake that the 360 controller has.

nevin11945d ago

Im still trying to get my Dualshocks controllers working.

Skate-AK1945d ago

I'm pretty sure there is a Sixaxis driver. I remember using a PS3 controller on a PS1 emulator.

DarkBlood1945d ago

it can work with the snes emulator as well but i dont have it anymore it was in my computer before i had to wipe it out completely for some reason

but last i remeber only it would only work on the sixaxis controller not the one with the rumble verson

stage881945d ago

Dualshocks natively pair with macs.

GadgetGooch1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

Plug your PS3 pad in and download a program called DS3 tool, Have a look on google to get the full set up instructions...Pretty easy once you get to grips with it and works perfectly.

You might need to have the pad plugged in before you start up your PC for it to get recognized properly as i have to do that with mine.

guitar_nerd_231945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

What GadgetGooch said.

Get it here:

It has 360 emulation mode so it works with most PC games without configuration as long as you know the Xbox button layout. Works great.

Only downside is you have to overwrite your bluetooth receiver driver to use it wirelessly.

contradictory1945d ago

MotionInJoy ps3 controller
it's not that hard really

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Kamikaze1351945d ago

Oh snap! Time to get one now. Plus with Monster Hunter around the corner, I'll get even more use out of it.

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