What the PS4 Needs to Decimate the Competition

The PS4’s unveiling on Wednesday the 20th will be a huge power play for Sony as it will naturally create some serious momentum toward E3 2013. The world will be Sony’s stage for the next 48 hours and we can’t help but wish for the best and geek out whenever we see a new wave of leaked photos. What will be revealed at the event? What will we see? Is Kaz just trolling us?

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Hingle_Mcringleberry1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Because that worked out so well for the Vita. What they need to do is support it like they've supported the ps3 right after they realized that the playstation name alone wouldn't carry the console to success.
They need to come out guns blazing and maintain that throughout the first year into the 2nd. They need to realize that they aren't the market leader coming into this and that people won't buy it simply because it's a playstation.
They need to also market their games well and stop creating games that nobody wants (Twisted metal, starhawk, PASBR, SOCOM 4, SLY 4, MOVE heroes, lbp karting, Q force ect.) and get back to making QUALITY games! I mean when was the last time a SONY studio made a AAA quality game for the ps3? Uncharted 3?
They need to stop putting their quality characters into crumby games.

Good_Guy_Jamal1920d ago

Now that you've mentioned it, when was the last time a 1st party studio actually released a ps3 game? All of their ps3 exclusive games since Uncharted 3 have been worked on by 2nd party studios! Twisted Metal, Starhawk, PASBR, SLY 4 and Q-Force have all been 2nd party games.
Besides GoW and TLOU, most 1st party studios must be working on PS4 games! This is gonna be an exciting launch indeed!

clearelite1920d ago

I agree with you about the marketing, but a couple of the games you listed could have sold millions with the right advertising imo.

pr0t0typeknuckles1920d ago

i agree with you on everything except for people not wanting lbp and sly 4.

miyamoto1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

PlayStation is not about destroying or stopping competition that is Microsoft's agenda and role.

PlayStation is about giving more life and longevity to video gaming by making more new games and progressing the technology that will make these new games possible to be played. That is what it does best.

muttley651920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

GRAN TURISMO 6 and FIFA would be a great opening launch title for American and Europe.

dont think GT6 would take long to DEV. im sure PD started before GT5 was released....


fermcr1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

"What the PS4 Needs to Decimate the Competition"

I certainly hope that doesn't happen. I hope all systems prevail and that there is a lot and lot of competition between them. Competition is the best thing for the consumers.

MysticStrummer1919d ago

@tentonsotube - "What they have" didn't help Sony to decimate the competition this gen. You think everyone else is just going with what they have, making no changes for next gen? No. They'll all look at each other and steal a few ideas, then throw some new stuff against the wall to see if it sticks. As little as I care about social networking, applying it to gaming is what helped MS do as well as they did, and Sony would be wise to incorporate at least some of that into PS4. Because of the Wii's success, both MS and Sony will try to cater to casuals as well as the hardcore gamers, though possibly to different degrees, and Nintendo is obviously trying to seem more hardcore than they did last gen. Nothing will stay the same, except maybe the cesspool called N4G.

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chukamachine1920d ago

It does not need killzone4.

As much as many people would like it, it's not a system seller.

Uncharted 4 would be though.

GT6 would be.

Blackdeath_6631920d ago

a massive Gran Turismo game will be a really strong launch title. i love killzone so i wouldn't mind another. i hope they don't ruin the uncharted series we have seen it time and time again one the just keep creating squeals and it completely ruins the game. i for one have completely lost interest in the assassin's creed series i couldn't even bring myself to care about the third one.

Fatty1920d ago

It'd be great to see a GT in the launch window, but given how long 4 and 5 took to make, I don't know if it's possible. I can't imagine how good it'll look, though... Not to mention the physics should be even more fine-tuned than ever.

InMyOpinion1920d ago

They will most probably show some kind of trailer for a new GT game, but I don't think it will be a launch title. Strongly doubt it considering how long GT5 took from announcement to actual release.

shivvy241920d ago

killzone isnt a system seller , its games like uncharted , GT , god of war and 3rd party exclusivity like MGS4

cpayne931920d ago

Killzone may not be a system seller, but it still has good sales and, since Guerrilla Games does wonders in terms of graphics, it would be a great way to show off the system.

-Alpha1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

I want another Killzone, but if Guerilla Games can't seize the opportunity fans so desperately crave for the story, co-op, and multiplayer (took steps back with K3), then I'll lose all hope.

Killzone just feels shy of reaching that true potential, and I am heavily hoping for Killzone 4 to deliver. Time to do what should have been done: fleshed out co-op modes, killer multiplayer that improves on Killzone 2 and stops screwing around with Killzone 3's junk, and a storymode that can take advantage of the Killzone universe. Most of all, a 10 minute Rico torture scene.

Karpetburnz1920d ago

I think Killzone 4 could sell A LOT if its a PS4 launch title.

a_bro1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

"It does not need killzone4.

As much as many people would like it, it's not a system seller."

i beg to defer Killzone on launch day makes it a system seller

if killzone 4 is indeed releasing at launch, that would make it as the only FPS we know so far that will launch with the platform. It would be a smart move on sony's part, the FPS genre is pretty much the most popular genre here in the states. it would finally get some of the recognition it deserves.

and besides if they guerrila does this correctly:
- a fleshed out story
-improved gameplay
-better multiplayer gameplay than KZ3
-use ever social/communication feature thats built in to the PS4/PSN

they will come out winning.

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BitbyDeath1920d ago

Releasing before the next Xbox is even announced would be a good first step.

BanBrother1920d ago

That is the key. If they release first, then all they have to do is keep offering what they have been with the PS3. The ball is in MS court now, not Sony's. Most people will go the Sony route, so MS are the ones that need to improve.

Basically what I am saying is, everyone with a PS3 iwill be getting the PS4. With the 360, a lot of people are switching over to the PS3, which will likely translate into a PS4 purchase. This time it looks like they will be released simultaneously, which can only mean the PS4 will obliterate the 720 sales, given the fact that the 360 had a year start, and Sony caught up.


Where are u getting your "Xbox gamers are switching to PS3" facts from? I have a full Xbox friends list and NONE of them have went from Xbox to PS3. They may play both but none have abandoned 360 for ps3. To me a real gamer doesn't "switch" they embrace all systems and play games not brands...

theWB271920d ago

Seriously I think you're going by N4G standards. I know plenty of people who swear by th Xbox brand as much as Sony. No one is switching...and PS3 caught up because they have a stronger market in their own country. Shut it down...

BanBrother1920d ago


Wait, you are refuting my opinion that a lot of 360 gamers are switching over to the PS3 (which from my experiences, they are), and then through you experience, no such thing is happening?, so yours is right?

Can't we just agree to disagree? You can never refute someones 'opinion' with your own, as they are just that. Yes, people embrace both systems, but by switching over, I mean dedicating more time to that particular console which will more than likely translate into a PS4 purchase IF both consoles are released simultaneously.

My comment was no fanboy rant, I can promise you that.

Qrphe1920d ago

It needs games. Hopefully they try to cover as many genres at launch as possible (from FPS and adventure games all the way to Sports and casual games).

clearelite1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Variety, creativity, innovation, and fun please.

Hopefully they will continue to invest more in new ips than advertising but still make tons of profit.

Unfortunately, we are stuck living in a world where people often pick what is advertised the best over what actually is the best quality.

Would love to see a platformer at launch and even a jrpg, etc.

mamotte1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Why does Sony need to "decimate" the competition? What does that anyways? Will the world be a happier place if the only console selling is from Sony? MS and Nintendo HQ will explode if the PS4 sell like hot cakes and is praised in N4G?

Really, I cant understand you guys.

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