PlayStation Vita Is Moving in the Right Direction

Push Square: "In a move that’s been on the cards for over a year now, Sony has announced that it will slash the price of the PlayStation Vita from 28th February in Japan. The unexpected revelation was made during a surprise press conference overnight, in which the platform holder also showcased a batch of upcoming software for the struggling handheld. But is the initiative enough to resurrect the platform’s fortunes, or is it simply too late?"

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murdock551921d ago

the vita has a good price. only thing they need to cut is the price of the memory card and games. can you believe that COD Declassified is still $49.99. and no one is buying the vita cause Sony is not living up to what the vita can do. remote play. i seen every remote play on youtube do you know how many gams can run on vita remote play?! F it im buying jailbreak for my PS3. and im playing dead space 3 on vita in me bed under the covers.

JBSleek1921d ago

Vita isn't at a good price though. If it was it would be selling better.

Not only does the Vita need a price drop so does the memory cards. When the competition is cheaper of course the average consumer will choose the cheaper device.

The Vita is cool technology no doubt but a $250 price tag is no doubt a deterrent.

murdock551921d ago

do you know how good ps vita hard ware is? have you not seen KZM gameplay? this is literally ps3 in your hands and ppl is bitching about the systems price. do you even know how many dumb asses buy $500 phone thats not even close as powerful as the vita?

murdock551921d ago

i mean the hardware is great. do you know how many time's you have to drop a vita on ground to crack the screen and just to even scratch it. and the vita already comes with the 2 year warranty when you buy it new. come on even poor ppl break a wallet just to buy $200 J's but they cant buy $250 system that last longer then pair of J's. i feel bad for sony to bow down to bunch of ungrateful ppl. but i guess son is going to have to do what they have to do.

JBSleek1921d ago

@murdock55 do you know how good ps vita hard ware is?

Well sure it was about a year ago top hardware; kinda. Besides the GPU nothing on the Vita screams great hardware anymore. And that has more to do with a rapidly changing mobile space.

RAM= low end phone
CPU= mid range phone/tablet
screen: mid-range

Still does that mean you should pay $70 more than the competition maybe but clearly the average consumer doesn't care or think so, so therefore what does the hardware have to do with it.

profgerbik1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

Mid range phone? The thing is more powerful than Apples entire line of phones and tablets right now.

Clearly it isn't that low end. I completely know every piece of hardware within the device and yes of course you are right, that mobile phones and tablets are just becoming more and more ridiculous, thing is they still can't play games like a PS Vita does. They still never usually have actual GPU's in them other than the ones associated with the CPU that is integrated. They still just aren't aimed at gaming.

As the Vita stands regardless it is the best handheld gaming device there is hardware wise, now if you look at like it's a mobile phone (which it isn't) then sure it isn't going to be the most powerful thing hardware wise but is still a high end device.

Still though it has better hardware than the new iPad, the iPad mini and the iPhone 5 which people still think is very high end which are still running old A-processor made by Samsung, the Vita actually has a new quad core cpu that is better than any inside the iPhone or iPad which are still using dual core processors. About the only thing those devices might beat the Vita with are their camera's but who cares about a cameras resolution on a gaming device.

PS Vita isn't as bad as you think and you have to realize when it was made, that was mostly the top in terms of hardware even for phones, all mobile phones had OLED's and weren't doing more than the Vita at the time but like you said which is easily noticeable technology is advancing faster and faster everyday. So something like the Vita, that doesn't change every few months can't keep up but it's fine because it still games better than any of those tablets or phones.

On top of the fact no one really develops quality games on Android or iOS there are very few of them. I just don't know why anyone would choose that as a gaming platform unless you are just not interested in playing games that much and are fine with the casual stuff Android and iOS have to offer.

It will be harder for consoles and handhelds to compete because they are locked down for years until they ever see an upgrade. We are seeing a new versions of a phone every couple of months, I mean technically already mobile phone are as powerful as the Wii U if not more powerful than even past consoles in terms of actual hardware, which is kind of stupid to think about but I already know two phones that are close the Galaxy S4 and Xperia Z.

If you ask me the entire phone and tablet thing has gotten out of hand, makes no sense that people are investing so much money into such useless devices. Sure they may be powerful but they are so limited to what they can be used for, why on earth does anyone need a phone with a 8 core CPU.. when all they mainly do is text, watch videos and download apps..

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darkresurrect1921d ago

With the price reduction on japan its sure moving on to the right direction, it means more sales and more sales means more support from third party devs. I hope this price reduction comes to usa an uk as well, the ps vita is a great machine just to let it die. come on sony Im passing more time with my 3ds than my vita its collecting dust.

SwiftArsonist1921d ago

Im glad to see Sony is not letting the Vita die. With this price drop and hopefully memory card price drop as well combined with the games announced, Vita can make a comeback in 2013.

Krew_921921d ago

It's funny how a single announcement changed the tones of PS Vita articles on here.

Nevertheless though, the Vita is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

evilhasitsway1921d ago

i have one myself the games are pretty good not as good as a ps3 so yeah i think it does need a price drop cause $300 after buying memory card is kinda high for a hand held if it had more games like a lot of games it wouldnt be that bad its just the cross play that was there selling point that is failing bad not very many games have cross play.