Could Bungie's Destiny Bury Halo?

Eskimo Press: There has been a lot of speculation about what Destiny, Bungie's first game post-halo, will be like. Bungie is finally ready to start shedding some light on their new ambitious project. In a new video feature, Bungie talks about their new mysterious universe that is sure to deliver plenty of action and adventure. After creating the Halo universe, and developing most of the games in the series, it's no understatement that many have high expectations for this new multi-platform game. With Halo in the hands of new developer 343 industries, Destiny and Halo will inevitably be compared to each other, and in direct competition.

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ShugaCane1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

There will be no competition between a new multiplatform game and an exclusive most of Xbox owners rely on, that makes no sense. Halo fans will keep playing Halo, and that won't prevent them from playing Destiny as well.

Kanzes1975d ago

I think they're just accidentally share the same genre, but it's really a different game inside.. The dev said that Destiny is more like 'MMO'-ish, so I think there's gonna be more missions and more free roam

greenpowerz1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

A multi platform game can easily become as popular as COD(a multi plat) and Halo(an exclusive) New or old, the first Halo did just that.

Multi plats easily compete with exclusives on all platforms LMAO. A multi plat is king on PS and Xbox.

All it takes is an quality and fun instant hit with massive replay value and this could be the online game to beat, not only with console exclusives but with the most played multi plat games.

No one relies on Halo nor does Halo sales make up *most* of 76 million *xbox owners*

That was well worded though very stealthy ;) LOL

Xbox gamers don't really drop one blockbuster hit game over the other they just split their time on them

(No one is going to stop playing halo but that doesn't mean gamers won't split their time equally on Destiny if it's nailed the gameplay, adds variety, gets future support and has off the charts replay value.

ThatXboxGuy1974d ago

Will be interesting to see if 360 gamers will still support the game even tho it's now multiplat.I mean, when you look at Halo over the last years it's been pretty mediocre and generic.But the 360 gamers touted it as the greatest thing ever, just because it was exclusive.

Will be interesting to see how they turn on bungie this go around.

ItsTrue1974d ago


"Will be interesting to see if 360 gamers will still support the game even tho it's now multiplat"

You sir, have some pretty screwed up logic there.

People don't buy games because it's exclusive, it's because they are a great developer. It's like saying "I only buy Naughty Dog games because they're exclusive to Sony. If they leave Sony, I will never buy their games again, even if they are good developers".

Who would buy a crap exclusive? It's about the quality of the game, not exclusivity.

darthv721974d ago

you could replace several key words relating to bungie and halo with that of insomniac and Resistance. here let me show you...

"Will be interesting to see if PS3 gamers will still support the game even tho it's now multiplat.I mean, when you look at Resistance over the last years it's been pretty mediocre and generic.But the PS3 gamers touted it as the greatest thing ever, just because it was exclusive.

Will be interesting to see how they turn on Insomniac this go around."

So by your logic, any company that created an exclusive game that now has a multiplatform game should be turned on by the fans.

Good to know.

EskimoPress1974d ago

Not if Destiny is on a next generation console. Then these two tiles are in completely separate leagues.

C4BL31974d ago

Destiny comes out for ps3 and 360. Bungie is known for great ground breaking games. 343 and M$ have buried Halo by themselves. Destiny will be the game gamers have been looking for.

Bigpappy1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Agree with Kamic. What he said, plus Destiny does not have Master Chief. Master Chief is the hero of Halo and the Xbox de facto Mascot.

As far as People griping about Destiny being online at all time, MMO's seem to do fine with this requirement. Are you saying that console gamers can not have it connected in the same way they have their PC's? It may not get 100% of console users, but what game does? Not even COD can do that!

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FiLTHY ESKiMO1975d ago

I disagree. If the game holds its own, and is all that it is promised to be I'm sure that a lot of gamers, Halo fans even, will migrate over to Destiny.

There are a lot less people playing Medal of Honor: Warfighter than there are people playing Black Ops 2. Because it's better....

RandomEclipse1975d ago

I'd think they would play both, atleast i would. Plus due to release dates and Destiny being MMO like, i don't see them being direct competition

riverstars861975d ago

I'd say Destiny isn't a game for competitive Halo and COD players to be honest. It's for gamers who prefer playing a coop with others.

otherZinc1974d ago

Comparing Medal of Honor situation to Halo is ridiculous! Medal of Honor absolutely SUCKED! Halo doesnt suck and has a massive following with a fantastic story.

If anything, it would be the other way around. There's no way Halo is going anywhere, period.

Sako1975d ago

I think that they will be in competition, since they're both first person shooters set in a sci-fi world that tells the story of humanity's fight to stay alive. With the Halo series getting lazy with innovation, I think that many Halo fans might abandon the series in favor of Bungie's new exploits

RuleofOne343 1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )


With the Halo series getting lazy with innovation. Please tell how so.

Halo fans might abandon the series in favour of Bungie's new exploits . why & how did u come to this conclusion.

@Sako just wanted more insight to your outlook.
I think Halo was great just think 343 did not want to stray to far from what players know & like about halo or get carried away. I do believe they will add some never before seen ideas or concepts to try & make Halo 5 theirs.

As for the halo/bungie fans they will support both, no matter the issue.

Sako1975d ago

In my opinion I think that the Halo series has stagnated a lot in recent years, along with the whole fps genre. I don't think that Halo reach or Halo 4 did much that we haven't seen in a Halo game before, apart from some new weapons and enemy types. Don't get me wrong, I like Halo a lot, and I thought Halo 4 was really good, but I also feel that they need to step up their game in the next installments.

I think that many Halo fans are also Bungie fans first and foremost. If Destiny proves to be something special, and Halo 5 turns out to be more of the same, some people will probably think twice about getting a new Halo game.

And just to be clear, I'm a Halo fan, and I'm excited about Halo 5 as well as Destiny :)

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