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Crysis 3 Review | GameReactor Danmark

Crytek puts all the stops with the third Crysis game that blends the best elements of its predecessor with success. (Crysis 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 8/10

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d0nT wOrrY  +   961d ago
Crysis 2 was boring as hell. Let's hope this will be a better game.
gillri  +   961d ago
the first one wasnt great either, just a glorified tech demo tbh

I played the first and second very close to each other (maybe 6 months) and thought the first was maybe the tiniest bit better, anyway the entire franchise is generic as hell

boring character, uninspired enemy design, crappy story

yes solid gameplay and yes pretty graphics, but thats it
Septic  +   961d ago
I thought the second one was fun. I enjoyed it thoroughly but I'm in the minority here on N4G.
yaz288  +   961d ago
The original crysis and warhead were brilliant in my opinion. crysis 2 however is slow .. dumped down gameplay with shitty controls that aren't as responsive and great as the first. duel wielding wep, beautiful and open ended environment. and the speed option actually make you go faster .. or the power option were you can deliver high blows instantly. the way you control the suit was so good. also you don't need to stay invisible all the time, you can hide in the wild like in far cry 3.

pysiqs , explosion cars.. etc were all nice. it crated a nice place to play with. the story is not that great but it was done well, it didn't look ridiculous or was trying too hard like crysis 2. I didn't like its graphics at all. crysis 1 still woow me every time to this day.
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SolidStoner  +   961d ago
I dont like every Crysis in every way...

All I see is that some kind of engine commercial... and Im the real minority here on N4G.
TheGamerDood  +   961d ago
I'm playing it now and so far so good, although the fps can dip a bit...AMD needs to put out official drivers and not this beta isht. Anyone test out 13.2 yet? If so what performance gains did you see.
TheRealSpy  +   961d ago
" just a glorified tech demo tbh "

JFC! Don't you people get tired of regurgitating the same BS opinions over and over? We've heard it. Get some new material.

"the entire franchise is generic as hell"

these are the same people who will then praise Killzone. gimme a break.
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Ares84HU  +   961d ago
Isn't all we really need in a game is solid gameplay???

I personally enjoyed Crysis 2 a lot. The first one was better in my opinion though. But Crysis 3 has that new Hunter mode which was a ton of fun in the beta so I will be playing that a lot.

Actually your comment is generic. So this game may be for you after all?

The first one got great score for a reason.
I bet 1 of every 2 console gamers that call this game generic bought the last 4 call of duty games.
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TheGamerDood  +   961d ago
well the latest AMD beta drivers fixed the sh*tty frame drops issue, so worth it.

I can almost max out settings on my rig, 2500K dual 6950s 1GB. :D She still has a little life left in here. lol The game is f'ing beautiful.
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badz149  +   960d ago
"little" life?! are you freaking kidding me? dual HD6950 will last you a couple more years worth of new releases!

here I am thinking WTH is people thinking when just yesterday I read a comment saying a 7870 is mid-range and about to go low to mid range with the release of new cards this year and now dual 6950 has "little" life left?

you people are crazy! in terms of spec/raw power, of course the older cards like 6950 looks like a mid-range card but when it comes to actually running games, a single 6950 can pretty much max up like 99% of new releases with at 30+ fps to boot let alone 2 of them!
x5exotic  +   960d ago
Sums up every FPS.
hiredhelp  +   960d ago
Crossfire 6950's will keep you in the game but if you after ultra settings and solid 60fps some games can be bit hard.
Example hitman absalution,far cry 3. But be honist with us we can tweak few simple settings get back that frame rate no big deal specially with overclocking your card and i52500k sandybridge. I have latest 12.3 with Beta Cap be sure to install the beta Cap (latest).

Have you a unlockable 6950 the cards do you for next 12months i beleave btw nice see someone with sandy bridge people i know have ivy bridge but im sticking my sandybridge as long as poss.

@gillri. Crysis 1 was no tech demo after sucsess with cry engine 1 in first far cry they made cry engine 2 specially for crysis i think modders around world gamers alike will be amazed at that comment you made.
The game had too much to be any tech demos i take it you seen a tech demo.?
Hell even brought out patch to unlock extreame settings for thoes lucky enough to run that.
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Knushwood Butt  +   960d ago
I didn't even think the first one had solid gameplay; armour mode is useless and cloak mode is way too good.

Also suffers from the rather nonsensical core gameplay of your suit using energy when using either mode, which drains quickly, but then instantly recharges itself???

Also, why does cloak mode drain energy when you move, but not if you stay still? Makes no sense whatsoever.
linkenski  +   960d ago
Both games were more than decent, but admittedly the second felt less interesting, and it took away a lot of freedom that the 1st game offered. At the time i even thought the story had some potential in Crysis 1, but then they compltetely ruined that potential with Crysis 2's crap of a story. It felt like it was in an identity crisis.
UnHoly_One  +   960d ago
I honestly don't get all the hate that Crysis gets.

I think Crysis and Crysis 2 are better than about 95% of the shooters out there.

I realize, that like every game, it's not for everyone, but I will just never understand all the hate.
kevnb  +   960d ago
The first was awesome, one of the best sandbox shooters out. The second was just a corridor shooter.
Army_of_Darkness  +   960d ago
Never played a crysis game yet...
And I still have no motive too do so anytime soon. I just don't see anything interesting about it aside from the good graphics.
FATAL1TY  +   961d ago
GameReactor Danmark

Crysis 2: 9/10

Crysis 3: 8/10
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garos82  +   961d ago
pretty looking game on the ps3 but i couldnt put myself through the whole campaign as i found it really boring.
Crazyglues  +   960d ago
Wow! -But I do love how this one starts off, this game is going to be good - http://bit.ly/15qW122

I don't want to spoil it for anyone but I love the beginning..

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startalancenter  +   961d ago
Yeah, I'm looking forward to getting to play 3, because 2 was kinda boring on the campaign. Hopefully this pace of the storyline up a little bit.
byeGollum  +   961d ago
I've given up on the franchise. 3 looks like a good game tho' 'nd the multiplayer was fun.
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sak500  +   961d ago
"crytek puts all stops" Shouldn't be pulls all stops?
MidnytRain  +   960d ago
More importantly, shouldn't we stop submitting and approving stories that weren't even written in English?
Kos-Mos  +   960d ago
Yes because we only want opinions from united states of whatever and great britain....
That would surely expand your closed mind.
chukamachine  +   961d ago
Should be crytek pulls out all the stops.
pixelsword  +   961d ago
Zagreb write article! Is good, yah?

Just kidding; if you look near the bottom of all of that you'll see that it's an translated article, of which either translated it incorrectly or makes sence in their language.
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Tyre  +   961d ago
Crysis is everything but boring...it's what u make of it urself. Some people just don't get the gameplay...it's the most mature FPS out there.
EbeneezerGoode  +   961d ago
Well said. Crysis 1 was and still is awesome. Run and Gun it and it's boring, take your time and think about and you can spend hours lost in there.. total immersion like never before.

Now, just needs Oculus Rift support :)
jocomat9  +   961d ago
Great comment "its what you make of it yourself"-pepbizmo
HeavenlySnipes  +   961d ago

To me, the most amazing part of this franchise is how much it regressed. The original Crysis had actual characters that spoke and had personality, the enemy AI was decent, looking to flank you whenever they could, the suit abilities were not OP, you could still easily die just rushing into battle and the invisibility mode was short lasting, so you couldn't walk around invisible like in Crysis 2.

Crysis 2 had forgettable characters, horrible AI (shoot a guy and the enemy next to him won't even flinch), the suit abilities make the game far too easy, and the game doesn't get interesting until he first start speaking to Hargreave.

The game was poor, you can make the case that any game is fun if you role play in it, but that doesn't fix all the short comings it has. Crysis 2 is a 7 at max
ZoyosJD  +   961d ago
Mindless shooting...fun, sure for some. Mature...no. That title for FPS belongs with the likes of Half Life, Arma, Metroid, or Resistance as these games have a very human side to them.
Bathyj  +   961d ago
Agreed. I think people just flat out dont have the patience to play Crysis (part 1) like its supposed to be played. Its anything but boring.

I'm a stealth gamer so any shooter that lets you wander off the path a little, lets you use distraction and misdirection is ok with me.

Seems people just want run and gun, have wave after wave of respawning enemies come at you until you reach a predetermined check point at which case the respawning stops. Yeah, we all know what series I'm talking about.

I much prefer taking my time and looking for different strategies to employ, and yeah C2 sucked, the suit was too powerful, I over relied on invisibility cos they made it so easy to do so, and the AI was just dumb.

But Crysis 1, like Farcry 1 are great shooters for gamers with patience. I'm really hoping Crysis 3 is the same and avoids some of the pitfalls of C2.
Kurt Russell  +   960d ago
It's not mature... I can't think of anything more appealing to teens and tweens as man in a space suit that gives you super gundam powers.

As someone in their 30's I say NAY!
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Kennytaur  +   961d ago
The AI in the second one was pretty crap, and no amount of graphical flare can improve on that. Let's hope Crytek has worked on more than tessellating toads and animating grass.
Tyre  +   961d ago
If u have followed the recent interviews with Crytek, you will have noticed that Crytek was well aware about a bug in Crysis 2 that made the A.I. stop after a while. So the experience that the A.I. in Crysis 2 wasn't up-to-par is correct. Crytek said that the A.I. in Crysis 3 has been improved significantly. I'm very curious about the A.I. in Crysis 3.
Avery  +   961d ago
I long for an updated Crysis Wars multiplayer, 64 player large maps, all vehicles, that feeling of total control over your guy as it was so responsive. I was hoping CW3 would go back to its roots, back to basics like this and not an evolved CW2. With the new engine and everything next gen considered would love to see this. Not closed maps that make you feel claustrophobic.
Skate-AK  +   961d ago
So is it really only 5 hours including side missions?
finbars75  +   961d ago
Its not 5hours it was revield to be 10 hours.I cant see why they say 5 hours when its not true unless he cloaked and ran throught the whole game doing nothing.The game will be worth it dont worry guys.
josephayal  +   961d ago
8/10 Dam, Time to cancel my Best-buy pre order
PockyKing  +   961d ago
Wow, you must have ridiculously high standards /s
Crazay  +   961d ago
Crysis 3 is by all accounts a very well rounded game. I've managed to get through 4 missions white knuckling it all the way. I've liked this one much more than Crysis 2 and the environments are simple stunning. If this is what the current gen has to offer today, just imagine what the next gen has for us tomorrow.
spektical  +   961d ago
hopefully crysis 3 can overcome the borefest that is the crysis series. pretty game, just terrible story.
vitorizzo  +   961d ago
the multiplayer demo was awesome but its just too laggy. its that same lag that made crysis 2's multiplayer frustrating to play. i dont know how they messed that up again.
Pandamobile  +   961d ago
That was a beta.
vitorizzo  +   961d ago
crysis 2 had a "beta" also and the final mp was exactly the same. its a demo. its not a beta if its released 2 weeks before the game comes out. what was in the demo was the final game.
MidnytRain  +   960d ago
The betas you play may not be the most recent build the developers have.
IK IR Y IP T   960d ago | Personal attack | show
Orionsangel  +   960d ago
I love that more games have bow and arrow type weapons, from the Gears of War series with the Torque-Bow to Skyrim's Bow and Arrow to the new Tomb Raider, but it only works well when it uses free aim. I'm talking to you Assassin's Creed III! I was so excited to use the bow and arrow in that game. Then I did and wow did Ubisoft drop the arrow on that one, ugh!
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Bathyj  +   960d ago
And did you take it to the ah nevermind...

I always though Tenchu should have had a Bow as one of your standard weapons for silent ranged kills and to shoot a line to flyingfox down to lower areas or tightrope across.

Yes I know you could pick them up, but they were crap and didnt work like that like I said.

If you make it happen, you got my vote .
Poison rice, best weapon ever
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JP1369  +   960d ago
I have very fond memories of the original Tenchu on PSX. Would love to see that series return to former glory for some 4th generation gaming.
Nes_Daze  +   960d ago
Still boring, what use is good graphics when the game fails to draw you in where it matters the most.
TemplarDante  +   960d ago
6.8/10 from me.
Boring and not as open world as they market it.
Wait.What? Oh, this is Crysis 3?. Right right, more of the same though.
EDIT: I liked Crysis 1's open world, but 2 was just smoke and mirrors corridor linear. And the trailers for 3 seem to show much of the same.
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IK IR Y IP T  +   960d ago
fucking game is amazing !!!
suit up
DigitalSmoke  +   960d ago
Like ive said fellas, the game is "MEDIOCRE" at best.
something happened to the Crysis team after the frst game, they lost some serious tallent because everything after sucked major balls.

This is no exception and yes, i did say so before the reviews hit.
-IronMan-  +   960d ago
Crysis 2 was so boring i didnt even finish it. :/
brave27heart  +   960d ago

"But...but next gen consoles wont match the visuals of Crysis 3!!!"

Gotta love Crytek. They seem to think graphics and the overall quality of the game are inextricably linked. Sure your games are pretty, but theres never quite enough there to make it stand out from the crowd. Its all style and little substance.

Now please do us a favour and sell the Timesplitters license. I no longer trust you to do anything good enough with it to justify the name.
chaldo  +   960d ago
What? Since when was 8/10 a bad score? And in that quote Crytek just talked about visuals, not gameplay and didn't have to anything with the score you put out there. Jeez it is obvious you have never played a crysis game.

killa007   960d ago | Spam
sdrawkcab  +   960d ago
Nice graphics, bad gameplay, shitty story, yeah that pretty much sums up the whole Crysis series.
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urwifeminder  +   960d ago
The only game so far this year im keen to get aside from the new gears maybe.
TechnicianTed  +   960d ago
Can't wait to play this, I've loved the whole Crysis series.
SOULJER  +   960d ago
I'll buy it when it's 20 dollars.
zinger_AU  +   960d ago
crysis 2 was awesome in 3D
DeadPixel  +   960d ago
Crysis 2 was boring and i'm glad my save corrupted, it spared me from being bored to death, i'll still play 3 though because if i believed the garbage on here all the time i would never play another game ever again!!!

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