New GRID 2 Gameplay: Barcelona and the Red Bull Ring

All new gameplay footage of Grid 2 containing Barcelona and the Red Bull Ring.

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WarThunder1977d ago

Looks good, but nothing special about it....

SOD_Delta1977d ago

I agree with you completely.

memots1977d ago

Kinda hard to get excited for this game when you look at project cars.

memots1977d ago

Where i grew up we called him Goldorak ( french version )

memots1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

LOL this again?

Seriously are we getting over this again with every racing game release?

I for one love the cockpit view when its well done. Dirt 2 had terrible cockpit view , they fixed it in dirt 3 but if you make a cockpit view just for the sake of having one ,( Or because of gamers like you who needs to have something to complain about ) I would say don't do it, put your resources somewhere else.

Its a feature not the end of all.

Ju1977d ago

Looks great. Time for a new racing game. Looking forward to it.