What did Sony omit from its PS3 evolution video?

Something missing from the PS3 evolution video which seems a shame, but why?

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GribbleGrunger1976d ago

At last some inspired speculation! This is good food for thought and my guess would be Sony are going to move HOME and make it browser based so that the PS3, PS4 and the Vita can access it. And of course, we can't discount any other Gaikai enabled device.

Conzul1975d ago

I think it's more likely that Gaikai and Home will be unified past any recognition.

sonic9891975d ago

i think it just needs more OS integration more like in your face user you must use this and not optional
it worked for MS ans nintendo dunno why sony arent doing yet but still ps4 holds many many possibilities

Sci0n1975d ago

Indeed that's very believable since when I last signed into PS home they made me load all my digital home belongings to there server. I actually think gaiki is already being implemented now. Also other clues are now when you check people on homes profiles it tells you they are on the PS3.

GribbleGrunger1975d ago

Very interesting! I had heard tell of a change but that's the first time someone has pointed out the differences. Yep, HOME is going to become server based. Let's hope that those loading times will become a thing of the past.

GalacticEmpire1976d ago

Although Home has been a commercial success, it was not what most gamers were expecting. So now, whenever Home is mentioned there's always a negative connotation with gamers and gamers are the people Sony are focusing on.

Hellsvacancy1976d ago

I actually forget there even is Home, ive only ever used it a handful of times, to play chess

Blackdeath_6631975d ago

LOL exactly the same. i really hope i they don't get rid of it despite the fact it didn't click with gamers i feel it has massive potential they just need to give it a new purpose as a hub of some sort to connect people or for event or something. it will be a real shame if it amounts to nothing.

Rainstorm811975d ago

If Home was built into the OS like Xbox avatars or Miis, I think it would get more use from gamers. But since your avatar can only be seen in home and the disconnect between Home and games makes it a casual haven.

If anything Home needs to be pushed more to that market since they gravitate to it the most.

zebramocha1975d ago

@hell how can you forget about home?it's under the ps store icon unless you deleted the app,it doesn't makes sense on how you could miss it.

Donnieboi1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

It's free. So these disappointed "gamers" you mentioned need to suck it up. It's a fine distraction away from usual gaming. It's for social purposes, and for that reason, it succeeded. No one has negative connotations towards PS3 having apps like netflix, hulu, etc. So why should they be upset about Home? Home is an app for PS3 owners to enjoy, for free. "Gamers" do other things than play games. So, when I make a new friend via gaming, it's nice to be able to do something together once and a while on my gaming system, that isn't always competitive--WITH friends. Plus, did I already mention it was a FREE addition?

What you said is a GREAT idea. A connection to games would be a nice feature. I used it for downtime away from gaming/competition, but having some games, demo's, beta's built in would be a great way to advertise games, without forcing ads on us via PSN or PS Store (the way M$ does it). Home would be a great, optional venue to learn about new game releases. Good idea.

GalacticEmpire1975d ago

Steady on fella, I wasn't having a go at Home, I'm actually one the gamers that appreciate it for what it is just like you.

You can't really argue that it hasn't got negative connotations for a lot of gamers as they're constantly giving it an unjustified bashing in comments sections around the net.

k2d1975d ago

@Donnieboi: Yeah, imagine Sony telling their fanbase to suck it up. The ball is in Sony's court, and their obvious choices are to either let pass in silence or revitalise it.

Godmars2901976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

They've got two days before announcing the PS4 to look back on the PS3.

Wait, you mean *THIS* video?

smashcrashbash1976d ago

I love how people try to pretend that there isn't a Home and no one knows about it but somehow Home is never empty and there are always people in all the different worlds. People always think because them and their circle of friends ignore Home that everyone in the world does.

ThatXboxGuy1975d ago

Exactly.I hope on from time to time and every space is packed every single time.And everybody has custom outfits, accessories, pets etc.Stuff that probably takes one guy, one day to make, sold for $1 each to millions of people.

Home is a pure cash cow for Sony.

Soldierone1975d ago

Not to mention the "fee's to play" area's are constantly filled with people too. Thats people paying to play games.

All the spaces built to advertise games was also money paid to Sony to advertise the games.

If Home was really failing like people want to believe then it would be long gone by now.

GraveLord1975d ago

Home is pretty much irrelevant. It's not something to brag about.

Godchild10201975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Home in a way is like Miiverse, just not integrated into the PS3 as Miiverse is with the Wii U.

I only used it a few times and found it enjoyable. Its like any social network on the web, and it can only get better as time goes on. I used it during Sony's E3 conference the past 2 years.

smashcrashbash1975d ago

Irrelevant to you maybe.Not so much to people who use it. Don't assume something is irrelevant because you don't like or use it. Other people like Home just fine.If they didn't Home would always be empty and no one would be buying the stuff that they sell or playing the games. Have you ever been to Home on New Years or Christmas or Halloween.Obviously not or you wouldn't be writing such rubbish

cleverusername1975d ago

Everyone must've been playing hide and seek when I've visited then!

Rainstorm811975d ago

That's like saying the Xbox avatars are irrelevant, both rake in cash for both MS and Sony with relatively little work.

Personally I use my Xbox avatar more than Home avatar because its right on the menu for everyone to see, to this day I have yet to buy any items for home

firelogic1975d ago

Sony makes a ton of cash off of HOME. Micro-transactions fuel PSN for you so you should pray that it stays successful.

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