'Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed' claims Wii U number one

DS: ''Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed has captured the Wii U top spot for the first time since release.''

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PopRocks3592008d ago

Well that's good news. A friend of mine actually gave me the points to download this game not long ago. It's no Mario Kart, but it was pretty fun; much better than its predecessor.

stuntman_mike2008d ago

I really enjoyed the demo. Good game.

chasegarcia2008d ago

It is no Mario Kart, It is better.

FinalomegaS2008d ago

until the newest MK is released?

stuntman_mike2007d ago

I think it's more comparable to Diddy Kong Racing.

stragomccloud2008d ago

I'm thinking of buying this digitally. It seems really cool.

Munnkyman2008d ago

My wife and I play sonic all the time. It's blast especially when playing 5 player splitscreen

wiium642008d ago

well good for sonic, this racer looks very fun, i will have to try the demo.

Venox20082008d ago

good game, worth buying

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