PlanetSide 2's Director Talks Development, Competitive Play and Why Free-to-Play is the Future

Forbes - In a market where Call of Duty sells a billion dollars worth of copies every year, it can be hard to make an impact doing something different. But PlanetSide is just what many gamers like to see, an evolution of a genre into something new.

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Punch-o1707d ago

It would be cool to see this running on PS4 wednesday. It's alot of fun on PC.

Gimmemorebubblez1707d ago

System seller if they port it to Ps4.

OhReginald1706d ago

planetside 2 is the future. SOE should realllly consider to port the game to the PS4. It will DEFIANTLY be a system seller.

Dojan1231706d ago

I will not be shocked if they put this on the PS4. It would kill Dust.

I would not even be shocked if they let PC play with the PS4.

grassyknoll1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Whenever someone says the type of game they're making is the future, I think they're an asshole. A game, that is on a server that can be turned off at will is not part of my future.

urwifeminder1706d ago

People are leaving the game in droves im thinking about deleting it was fun at first but too much of a grind.

Septic1706d ago

To be honest, I'm getting a little bored of it but that's only because none of my mates okay it. First day of playing, I went and bought a Parallax sniper. It cost around £7! It takes ages to grind for good stuff.

If it comes out for PS4, that would be amazing.

SITH1705d ago

I love playing planetside 2. It is a fun game.