The Wii U's Bleak Winter: Why Nintendo Must Take Action

Forbes - While having a somewhat decent launch initially, sales of the Wii U have been slowing for a few months now with no must-have games on the horizon. Slowing by a worrying amount, actually.

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GuruStarr782003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Yeah, its been pretty bleak, especially since rayman legends got pushed back... nothing much to look forward to on my wii u, imho... for a while, at least..

The thing is, is that I really want something to play on my wii u... new super mario u is getting old, and having a 360 and ps3, ive already played everything else the system has to offer, really...

We really need a metroid, zelda or even a new mario kart, but we all know those are a ways off.... its a shame.. really.

jacksheen00002002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

I hear ya man! Its pretty rough. As bad is this may sound..Nintendo have to redeem themselves at e3 2013.

If they don't Things will get real ugly for Nintendo, the remainder of this year will be hell.

E3 2013 is Nintendo last chance.

MaxXAttaxX2002d ago

I'm itching for a new third-person Metroid game (w/o bad narrative). And it's rumored that Retro is working on a Metroid game, which means I won't get any third-person action for a long time.

RyuCloudStrife2002d ago

Yes its a shame ALL you guys rely on is quote "metroid, zelda or even a new mario kart"....


You sound a little upset...why so angry? Why do you think most people bought the Wii U for? Mulitiplats? No you dumptruck its for the excellent first party games like the few you named. That's like saying a ps fan shouldnt get excited for a new uncharted or a 360 fan not being happy for a new halo. You clearly don't like Wii U so my question is why are you here?

TheSaint2002d ago

Lol at thinking this was an angry post, sounds like someone is a little over-sensitive.

Is it that time of the month?

PopRocks3592003d ago

Sparse is a better word, I think. It reminds me of the GCN days when content was far and few inbetween, but at least there was usually something to look forward to.

Nintendo needs to get the digital content into gear, I think. If you can't get your own physical content out and if the third party stuff is not coming anytime soon, then bust out the VC and eShop games more quickly. Give current owners something to work with, maybe a digital promotion of some sort. And a way to play 3DS games on a Wii U would be nice too.

In the mean time, there's always what they plan on announcing at E3 as well as Pikmin 3's release this summer (if I'm not mistaken). Well, okay, there's possibly the Wii U version of Aliens, but that's a long shot in and of itself.

Kevlar0092002d ago

Pikmin 3 is slated for Spring this year, hopefully it will get some TV time when it's released.

If I'm not mistaken there is quite a downloadable library for the WiiU atm. I don't own one, but I see releases every so often here.

I would expect a calm Summer from Nintendo, then a blitz in the Fall and Winter. They might be backloading a bit too much, putting off too many titles and cramming them into a small window.

There hasn't been much of a new incentive to get a WiiU since release. If you've been putting it off there hasn't been much of a reason to jump in, unless you were waiting for more money to become available.

yeahokchief2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Yep I make these comments back in November and I get called a troll when in actuality all i wanted was them to be ready with some games for core gamers.

But now the shit hits the fan and suddenly it's cool to write these articles when there's absolutely nothing that Nintendo can do until the next batch of games are released.

Bunch of nonsense. I really hope they pull their heads out of their butts and start kicking it into high gear with some classic 2d metroid action, star fox, donkey kong country, platformers that aren't styled for 10 year olds. etc just make some games for "everyone". they dont have to have blood and gore or any of that but for the love of god enough with the yarn.

im really near the end of my limits here. they might have made the first system i played on but i'll be damned if im going to play games like princess sparkle pony and mario #45874849534. how hard do you have to try to give a company your money. jesus.

DivineAssault 2002d ago

I feel bad for them.. Theyre getting hammered left n right on a daily basis.. It seems that their philosophies of what a video game console should be needs some serious changes.. Good thing they always have their exclusives that fans loyally buy to keep them afloat cuz theyd be dead w/o them..

PopRocks3592002d ago

"Good thing they always have their exclusives that fans loyally buy to keep them afloat cuz theyd be dead w/o them.."

That doesn't make any sense! What would ANY console manufacturer be without their exclusives? If there were no exclusives to attract buyers, everyone would just play games on their computers or smartphones.

DivineAssault 2002d ago

u dont make any sense! 3rd party games DONT SELL ON NINTENDO SYSTEMS is what i meant.. Mario karts n all the unisex/unigamer 1st party games are what keeps em alive cuz theres some great games like Fire Emblem on 3ds that cant even sell 1/2 a million despite there being around 30million 3DS' out there..100 million wiis yet only around 4 million copies of skyward sword sold..

What are all those nintendo console owners buying buddy? CASUAL GAMES & or kid games like ben ten n stuff.. Random shovel ware titles if anything at all besides mario games.. I bet 1/2 the people who bought wiis only bought it for wii sports & didnt even buy another game

PopRocks3592002d ago

Completely ignoring the fact that House of the Dead Overkill did alright on the Wii, No More Heroes and NMH2 sold better on the Wii than the PS3, The Conduit was a fairly successful Wii game and Muramasa: The Demon Blade sold more on the Wii in America than in Japan.

Also your point about Fire Emblem is completely idiotic. The game was released on a limited supply. Why else would it be sold out in a variety of Gamestops across the States? And you're saying it can't break a million because no one cared for it? Are you serious?

Just because the majority of the market for Wii were casual gamers (you know, Nintendo's intended audience when they made the console) doesn't mean ONLY casual gamers were buying the thing. There were core gamers who owned Wiis next to their HD consoles. Those were the people buying the Mario, Zelda and Metroid games. I think even Nintendo recognizes there is a core market that they can connect with if done properly.

Stop generalizing. It really doesn't help your point at all.

lilbroRx2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Wasn't this "exact" article posted not to long ago? I certainly remember the that title with "Winter" in it.

ZeekQuattro2002d ago

Happens a lot on here. People can't get enough Nintendo hate even if it from the same articles being posted by multiple sources over and over again.

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