Need For Speed: Most Wanted For The Wii U: The Best Version You'll Find?

Gameranx: " At a press event in New York City yesterday, EA had a number of titles on-hand, including the Wii U port of the recently released Need For Speed: Most Wanted."

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PopRocks3592008d ago

By my understanding the PC version is the best one (but that's honestly not surprising). It's a great racing experience for console fans from what I hear, and this is the best looking console version and has some extra content with the coop mode. It's at least worth checking out I think, and I would like to do just that.

karlowma2008d ago

I don't disagree entirely, but the way the engine is coded makes it very difficult for nVidia & AMD to optimize their drivers to leverage better performance out of this game. It's too bad, because it's a great looking game on any platform.

ProjectVulcan2008d ago

Wii U is the best looking console version, but you can do better with a modest PC. Radeon 7770 would have no trouble matching Wii U's settings, but at higher resolution.

Radeon 7850 easily maxes it 1080p.

The gamepad options seems a bit meh to me to be honest, rather just have the game straight up.

Neonridr2008d ago

The gamepad features while bland in some regards at elast allows for Off TV play, which in my opinion is the best feature of the Wii U. I can't get enough of the fact that I can play my game system while my wife watches the TV.

herbs2008d ago

Basically Criterion is giving there game the same attention Froznebyte did for Trine 2. Obviously PCs will always have the edge visually but Im thinking the varied control options for the Wii U make it the definitive version overall, not to mention the bonus content and additional optimization.

Link0792008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

Its the best looking version period better than pc as well,360 ect held pc bk.

wiium642008d ago

yes,the wii u is the best looking , version, and will probably be the over all best console version, i am so excited for this game, now this is how a third party should make a game for the wii u, i hope others will follow suit.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

I don't know why you get disagrees.. It might be the best console version since it will have the pc texturss.

"The result is unarguably the one of the most impressive, technologically challenging cross-platform conversions the Wii U has in its roster. Owing to the 1GB of RAM available to developers - compared to the 512MB on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 - the Wii U version features the enhanced textures currently found only on the PC version. It sounds like an ambitious addition, but it proved to be no issue for the team."

Also they ported from pc to wiiU in 10 minutes.

I know I will get disagrees because I said that the devs said what they said. But they said it.

Lol I am a sony fan but the wiiU hate is amazing! lol disagrees for everyone!

Ju2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

You took that "10 minutes" statement quite out of context. This was the full statement:

"There's a switch in our build pipeline that says 'use PC textures' and we flipped that and that was all," Hamadi laughs. "I can take no credit for that, it was literally ten minutes' work... we are using PS3/360 geometry. It's just the textures we upgraded."

What that means is, he is talking about the build pipeline they modified "in 10 minutes" to use PC assets instead of 360/PS3 resources. This is quite simple. They use a build script to do that and had it modified. I can believe that.

But you should also mention this:

"The difference with Wii U was that when we first started out, getting the graphics and GPU to run at an acceptable frame-rate was a real struggle. The hardware was always there, it was always capable. Nintendo gave us a lot of support - support which helps people who are doing cross-platform development actually get the GPU running to the kind of rate we've got it at now. We benefited by not quite being there for launch - we got a lot of that support that wasn't there at day one... the tools, everything."

and this:

"But the journey towards this level of accomplishment on the Nintendo hardware has been far from simple."

Which does not indicate the work was actually done in 10 minutes (obviously it wasn' build scripts alone to support another platform takes longer than that).

Also, while it uses high-res textures, it looks like the overall performance is still on par with the current consoles, and they rather struggled to achieve the frame rate. This matches quite all other reports, that the WiiU is basically a 1GB PS360. Not much more.

Well, I shouldn't say "not much more". It's still quite interesting what you can do with "just a little bit more RAM".

Computersaysno2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

I think it is the fact its like nearly 5 months after all the other versions and nobody would care a lot unless they only have a Wii U because they probably already played it if they really wanted it.

I expect more and better from Wii U and can't get excited over an old port with some tweaks- dont think am the only one with this in my mind either. It isn't going to make anyone rush out and buy the console.

It is encouraging in that it edges the other consoles but to be honest I cant say Wii U should do any less. Wii U should have been able to trounce the other console versions of anything all the time. The idea that it hasnt been able to do that and this once it manages to edge such old technology and thats big news apparently- says a lot.

Before the thing launched I made the point that the ports are woopty doo even done well, because they will all be out so much later than the other versions.

This wont help anyone buy a Wii U, only original new titles will.

So well done criterion for at least doing a good job with the port, but really shouldnt we expect that?

We should expect people to do their damn jobs properly and it is a shame too this is news but such is the piss poor level of product these days we are going ape that a dev just did their job adequately for once.

State of the industry

Neonridr2008d ago

I only played the original Most Wanted on my 360. I never played this new game in the series. So why shouldn't I be excited for the Wii U version? Sure, if you've already played the game, then fine, you don't need this one. But if you've never played it, then why shouldn't you get the best looking, best running version of the game with the most features? I'd take the Wii U version over the 360/PS3 any day if we are going heads up.

Link0792008d ago

Try they upgraded everything and the gpgpu is being used look at these 360/WiiU comparison shots then.

Computersaysno2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

The best looking best running version is the PC version. Because Wii U might use some similar PC assets, but PC can still do twice the resolution and twice the framerate for butter smooth racing.

That figures for 4 times the performance of Wii U just for that.

I don't know why anyone would be so upset. So its 5 months old. good if you haven't played it, not so good for the millions that already did last year. Not exactly a system seller.

Wii U has demonstrated the advantages of having 7 year newer technology and 4 times the memory of the ancient existing consoles.

Consider me entirely unsurprised. The comparison should come against Sony's and Microsoft's newest consoles, because they will belong to the same generation as Wii U.

EbeneezerGoode2008d ago

Until the ports to PS4/Nextbox come November :P Wii-U will look once more like gamecube when the real next gen arrives.

Neonridr2008d ago

I'm sorry, the next gen machines are coming out this November? Wow, you must be some high ranking industry exec to make those claims with all that insider information. And if the Wii U is going to look like Gamecube graphics, then I guess the PS4 and Nextbox must be putting out 4K resolution games for their launch titles huh? I mean the Gamecube could barely do 480p, so the jump from the Gamecube to the Wii U would be like the 360/PS3 going to 4K resolution.

Ju2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

Well, it still runs 720p (or isn't it?) and uses PS360 geometry. I would think next PlayBox will probably improve on both. So, it's not that far fetched. But, then,, I am keeping my PS3 also. Nothing wrong with that.

Link0792008d ago

Take a look ? WiiU is nextgen from a graphics perspective thats for sure,and going off this comparison its obvious Dirt WiiU and Project Cars will look equal to their dx11 pc counterparts i'm impressed.

EbeneezerGoode2008d ago

/facepalm, well done on missing out on sarcasm.

Get back to your kiddy toys.

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Gemmol2008d ago

(throws cash at the screen)

Sarobi2008d ago

I'll definitely check this out

AKR2008d ago

This is really great, on Criterion's part.

Even if the PC has a slight edge over it - the Wii U version still utilizes it's textures, and they also went an extra step in improving the lighting.

For a port - this is gold. Just goes to show that it's not the Wii U's hardware that's lousy - it's the lazy developers behind it.

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