Sony PlayStation 4 price slash strategy tipped amid console competition

Sony’s PlayStation 4 will be more competitively priced out of the gate than its PS3 predecessor, insiders suggest, with the company reportedly aiming at knocking a quarter off the console’s original selling price.

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sinncross1951d ago

well, that would be great

nrvalleytime1951d ago

For what the PS4 might be, even making the price appear close to the Wii U could be real trouble for Nintendo. The PS4 will just be more appealing. Microsoft will need to be careful with its prices now as well, meaning that we - the consumers - benefit. :-)

Jek_Porkins1951d ago

Well while I don't believe rumors, the official Microsoft documents states that at least one model of the Xbox 720 will be priced at $299. As for Nintendo, I think they expected their new hardware to sell at that price for a year and then lower the price and introduce great software to compete with the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Competition is great, and price wars pays off for the consumers.

I think Sony will release their consoles at $399 and $499 and Microsoft will have theirs priced at $299 and $399. I believe both Sony and Microsoft will offer a couple different SKU's. I see Nintendo dropping the Wii U to $199-$249 respectively.

juandren1951d ago

Wait... What official Microsoft documents? Do you have a link?

TheRealHeisenberg1951d ago

$300 USD or less is all I ask. If not I'll just get another PS3.

classic2001951d ago

LOL $300 or less, don't make die of laughter man.

seanpitt231951d ago

And if its $300 I ain't buying it because it will be a load of shit and the games want look much better than the ps3

TheRealHeisenberg1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

I see my comment has inspired many to hit disagree. Feel free to spend as much as you want on new tech, my days of early adoption are over. I'll gladly wait for a price cut. $300 or less for PS4 and $150 or less for Vita. That goes for any new console or handheld.


Please keep the disagrees coming. I like it when I hit a sore spot.

Reverent1951d ago

You're not hitting a sore spot, your ambitions are just extremely unrealistic.

miyamoto1951d ago

dude, wake up its 2013 not year 2000 nor 1994

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Talamak1951d ago

$399 is the sweet spot....I have the feeling the PS4 will return Sony to PS2 quality of success

darthv721951d ago

but why cant the PS3 return sony to PS2 quality of success?

What is it about the PS3 platform that has seemingly been unappealing to the PS2 crowd that would be different for the PS4?

Chris5581951d ago

Many things but the biggest mistake was developing a hardwere which was hard to develop for

Talamak1951d ago

In my humble opinion I think Sony was a tad bit too ambitious for most people in the beginning of the PS3's life cycle & most people (not including myself) were really disappointed with the $600 price tag...couple that with the good choices that MS had made with the 360 at the time and you you get a slight 180 from what the PS2 had done the generation before...I'm thankful however that the PS3 has made so much headroom since, but no one can deny the fact that it was that Sony put themselves in a bind that was almost their undoing....this time around I am confident that the PS4 will do great out the gate & in all honesty will benefit from the PS3's reputation for quality

miyamoto1951d ago

i thought you were smarter than that to have figured it out by yourself

kwyjibo1951d ago

For the PS3, Sony put a crapload of money into the Cell and into Blu-Ray.

The PS4 looks to be off the shelf PC parts. The price will be competitive from the outset. Expect the same from MS too.

KwietStorm1951d ago

Yep exactly. Plus, with no PS3 SoC onboard, and Gaikai likely streaming the PlayStation catalog, they'll save more money from the jump.

Reaper99371951d ago

Hopefully come Wednesday the Giant crab will make a return appearance...please Sony don't diassapoint me, I've taken off work to see the damn crap.

kma2k1951d ago

damn thats commitment, i will be watching it at work personally :)

Old McGroin1951d ago

@ Reaper9937

"please Sony don't diassapoint me, I've taken off work to see the damn crap."


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