20 February Sony PlayStation Conference: What We Can Expect

All the facts and industry rumblings ahead of Sony’s big PS4 reveal on February 20.

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HebrewHammer1829d ago

PlayStation Home for the Vita?

nigelp5201829d ago

I dont care but please be able to play used games. Dont be dicks. i still buy used games for older systems

Rainstorm811829d ago

I don't think no one company will single themselves out and choose to have no used games, if it ever happens I would imagine it being adopted simultaneously by all console manufacturers.

cannon88001829d ago

That is what gaikai is for and many other things.

Plagasx1829d ago

I expect brix to be shat.

KwietStorm1829d ago

We can probably expect another day of what to expect articles before the actual conference.

cannon88001829d ago

I expect a very sticky conference room because every body would just jizz uncontrollably out of the sheer epicness that is the ps4. Mark my words... It will be sticky!

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The story is too old to be commented.