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20 February Sony PlayStation Conference: What We Can Expect

All the facts and industry rumblings ahead of Sony’s big PS4 reveal on February 20. (Dev, Industry, PS4, Sony, Tech)

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M-M  +   889d ago
I expect epicness.
HebrewHammer  +   889d ago
PlayStation Home for the Vita?
nigelp520  +   889d ago
I dont care but please be able to play used games. Dont be dicks. i still buy used games for older systems
Rainstorm81  +   889d ago
I don't think no one company will single themselves out and choose to have no used games, if it ever happens I would imagine it being adopted simultaneously by all console manufacturers.
cannon8800  +   889d ago
That is what gaikai is for and many other things.
Plagasx  +   889d ago
I expect brix to be shat.
KwietStorm  +   889d ago
We can probably expect another day of what to expect articles before the actual conference.
cannon8800  +   889d ago
I expect a very sticky conference room because every body would just jizz uncontrollably out of the sheer epicness that is the ps4. Mark my words... It will be sticky!
shivvy24  +   889d ago
Bricks will be Shat !
Bumpmapping  +   889d ago
I expect greatness.
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TheOneEyedHound  +   889d ago
Hot loads.
ziggurcat  +   889d ago
"All the facts and industry rumblings ahead of Sony’s big PS4 reveal on February 20."

nothing has pointed to a PS4 reveal, so this (and all of the other sites) is nothing but a false assumption.

a few videos about previous playstation devices =/= a PS4 announcement, sorry.
Omar91  +   889d ago
nothing has pointed to the ps4 reveal?

what about the evolution of playstatioin videos that coincidently hit the internet 3-4 days before the 20th?

what about the rumored controller for the ps4?

what about the hype that every website is giving this meeting due to all the information gathered throughout the pass months?

If this isn't a ps4 reveal then I dont know what is. This screams PS4 REVEAL!
oh not to mention if this wasn't sony would of debunked all the crazy rumors of the ps4 being announced on the 20th, instead they let it build up.
QDOGG  +   889d ago
From looking at that playstation video and checking out Gaikia.com home page that's
what this is all about folks trust me on this.
level 360  +   889d ago
Quite positive about new control pad and host of features it's going to bring us gamers'.

75% sure about previous debate/speculation on retail price of PS4 *( roughly in the vicinity of AU$399.99-AU$599.99 or higher depending on HHD space and promotional bundle deals ). That's how they price things over here - a subliminal trickery.

Lastly games.. what's listed on this article are most on my definite will-buys and I know they will deliver on promise.

1 more day ( Sydney Australian time )..
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MasterCornholio  +   889d ago
I expect Sony to teach current gen believers what a next gen system should be like.

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