In-depth Review: Kinect Nat Geo TV: Season Two - Electronic Theatre

Along with the recent launch of Kinect Sesame Street TV: Season Two, Microsoft Studios are pursuing their ‘2-way TV Experience’ brand with another chapter of Relentless Software’s Kinect Nat Geo TV. Aimed at a slightly older audience than the aforementioned interactive puppet show, Kinect Nat Geo TV: Season Two is the most modern definition of ‘edutainment’ imaginable.

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Perjoss1853d ago


"Just as it was back in September last year, Kinect Nat Geo TV remains a fantastic example of the kind of innovative experiences that are available when motion-control devices are used properly. This isn’t a mini-game compilation of an interactive movie akin to the 1990s fad celebrating the birth of CD storage on videogame consoles; this is the best of those ideas modernised and packaged for an audience that cares what they buy into rather than simply adopting a family videogame for the holidays"

Tapioca Cold1853d ago

A few years ago they hype train for this device was so high it was unbelievable. You guys on here were touting project natal as the next coming. You and journalists were making up all the new ways we could game. You said we could control our dashboards like Minority Report and throw grenades wiuth our hands and go prone for prone.

Now in the article I see the word sesame street and attempting to target an older audience.

Use your brains people. Next time, remember this isn't 2087, it's 2013.

Fail on so many levels. And microsoft is still gonna try and ram this garbage down our throats.