PS4, the tech demo KARA could have become the new IP Quantic Dream? written:

The video recently released back to talk to him.

Just a month ago, we published the news that Quantic Dream has registarto the domain suggesting that in addition to Beyond: Two Souls there was a new IP in development.

Today we discover that the Playstation3 official channel of YouTube has released the trailer Quantic Dream presents KARA, the tech demo shown at GDC 2012 to highlight the new engine running on PS3.

Two days of the Playstation Meeting, a legitimate question inevitably arises whether this tech demo was not solto used to show the graphics engine but could be something more, maybe a new IP cantiene ready to debut on the Playstation 4, as the domain name consisting of the words "Singularity" and "PS4".

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nigelp5201951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Kara could be a cool next gen sci fi emotional drama game.

SlapHappyJesus1951d ago

It really could.

There was certainly enough seen in that demo for the possibility to bring a rather interesting story.

The demo hit pretty hard, everything said and done. Any push towards strong narrative in videogames is a good thing in my book.

dragonyght1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Maybe, it had great reception. but i can't imagine how they would translate into a full fledged game without deluded the well contain experience and powerful theme

Rockefellow1951d ago

Anything translated by Google should be banned.

MysticStrummer1951d ago

Nah, the translated articles are more entertaining to read than most of the worthless opinion pieces that get posted on N4G.

I didn't try to read it, but I remember Cage saying at one point that he wanted to do a sci fi game. That Kara video was very cool, and it wouldn't surprise me if their first next gen game is sci fi.

MightyMatt1011951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

I've been wanting to post a response to the video for a while now just to lazy I haven't seen that anyone else has noticed it..... On the robot arm putting them together you can see the lettering and numbers and there's PS4 on the arm. Well maybe it's a bit of a stretch it says P0S-S4 ;)

Ultr1951d ago

haha yeah just wanted to point that out POS- 54 :D

MightyMatt1011951d ago

Still close enough for me xD thanks for the correction.

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