Why Sony can't pull a Bungie with its PS4 showcase

Bungie's recent Destiny press event serves as a harsh reminder that if major game reveals aren't managed perfectly, they'll fail to completely satisfy the core gamer. The world awaits a new PlayStation, and Sony can't hold back the important details...

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GribbleGrunger2099d ago

Wow, even something not related to Sony manages to get skewed to relate to Sony.

classic2002099d ago

LOL true

Also Sony dont even need to pull a bungie because bungie already pull a sony.

Thatguy-3102099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

Read the article people. It's basically criticizing how bungie failed to garner any hype since they completely blew the announcement by not showing anything. I truly don't see how the "bungie already pulled a sony" remark applies to it.

JoGam2099d ago

@ Dboyc310...if true, maybe they should have made the title not sound like it was bashing Sony. I mean its not like every other article for the past year didnt bash Sony or Playstation. /s

TheGamerDood2099d ago


They were bashing Bungie, and warning Sony not to do the same stupid isht.

MikeMyers2099d ago

Why isn't this related? Both are headlines in the gaming world. What this article is saying is that the Bungie event kind of fizzled and that Sony's upcoming event needs to have more substance and flash. I personally think Sony will, but to say there is no link means to me some people just don't like anything to disrupt Sony's press event.

MaxXAttaxX2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

But not hyped at all. Probably because they didn't really show anything aside from some artwork and a video documentar..zzz
PS4 on the other hand; super hyped!

P.S: Highly misleading title.

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Blacktric2099d ago

Typical CVG article. They know that the possible reveal of PS4 is the hot topic right now so they're trying to do a half assed comparison with something unrelated.

All this sensationalism bullshit makes my head spin.

Rockefellow2099d ago

Interestingly enough, the whole "Destiny" thing seems to be getting little to no attention on major gaming sites. Joystiq, for example, posted something like 5 different articles in a short span, yet all of them received less comments than the "Future of PlayStation" video on the same site.

Kotaku seems similarly disinterested; page views on the majority of their Destiny articles are rather low.

DwightOwen2099d ago

That's because they (meaning Bungie) didn't "reveal" ANYTHING! They just gave us another stupid-ass "vidoc" and didn't show us ANY of the actual game!

Jek_Porkins2099d ago

I don't travel to a lot of sites, but I do a lot on social networks and #Bungie as well as #Destiny were trending all day and night world wide on Twitter.

People were pretty excited by the prospect of what was being promised. Personally I think finding out that you can only play the game while being online was a bit of a downer, and they didn't really show anything, I still think no publicity is bad in this case.

Hicken2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

Trending? From what? Obscurity to just barely being on people's radar?

Remember Ninja Theory talking about that "uptick" in pre-orders? Yeah, this is the same thing: a trend that his improved, but no word on how significant an increase it's seen.

So, how big was it? This level of trending? What did it increase FROM, and what did it increase TO? Frankly, there doesn't seem to be a lot of buzz for this game, and what little there IS seems to be focused on sites like N4G.

Edit: NUMBERS. Give me the numbers.

What was it ranked? How many tweets did these things garner? What were the trending phrases competing against?

You're saying it was popular, but for the tiny amount of information you're giving us, we pretty much have to take your word for it. I doubt it's very high on the list now, which means that even if it WAS popular and people were excited, it didn't last very long.

Jek_Porkins2099d ago

For those not familiar with what "trending" is, there is a top 10 list on Twitter that pops up for whatever is the most tweeted thing, everyone on that was tweeting about Destiny, take it for what it's worth.

I wouldn't downplay the game, it might not be my cup of tea, but it is more than obvious that a ton of people were excited for it.

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Dlacy13g2099d ago

"No screenshots were released, no real gameplay was shown, and at least one journalist was said to have been overheard questioning how on Earth he was going to 'describe the game to my readers'."

Ummm... screenshots were released along with Artwork, in game play was shown during the vid doc briefly... but beyond that, when did Bungie ever promise anything more than releasing details? Details were released...not a ton, but there were some.

If you think CVG that you are going to get some avalanche of info out of the Sony Presser you are in for another rude shock. News flash...Sony is going to hold back much of the details and save that for future events to help ramp the hype up.

BanBrother2099d ago

Yeah, nothing big happened. I hope and pray it was just a teaser, to get us salivating so they can suprise us at Sony's PS4 announcement.

The contract has been shifting and changing, so who knows? Even though I doubt it.
Besides, all Sony have to do is show the console. Even if they just pulled it out for 3 seconds, that would be bigger than the Destiny reveal. It is a freaking console, so no matter what we will probably be blown away.

FYI: I stayed up all through the night for the Destiny reveal. It was pretty average reveal (not saying the game is bad). I will be staying up for the 'PS4 announcement' for sure.

Captain Qwark 92099d ago

all very true.

i think the problem with their reveal is that it didnt show much at all or detail the game much. im still not even sure what kind of game it is. looked like an fps, sounded like an fps but then the dev called it an action game and all the "social" aspects of it made it look more like an mmo.

the art design was very cool though. im def interested in it but not super hyped.

i can understand why they dont think sony should go this same route. they need to build hype esp since the company hasnt been doing well recently. they need to impress, they meed to give some very important details and features and they need to make people say "ive got to have that". showing next to nothing will only hurt them so hopefully they are not to shy with the details

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