When Loving Gaming Goes Too Far

Quote: "Gaming’s great, right?

In the real world, we might compare gaming to that really cool guy everybody knows who makes for great company, gets on with everyone, and is never shy to take over a conversation and just entertain anyone around. Gaming is, in that way, the social butterfly of entertainment. But in this analogy, what exactly does that make us, the gamer? If not some friend to gaming, are we then some overly obsessed fan instead?

When you think of it like that, the fervent passion with which gaming is treated seems almost ridiculous. It would be on stalker level, borderline restraining order level if gaming were an actual person, but somehow it’s alright to dote over it and cause actual, legitimate rifts with other people simply because they don’t agree with you and your way of thinking. "

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MNGamer-N2003d ago

Fanboys = Bad. Gamers = Good. Which one are you?

theWB272003d ago

A fanboy is a person who is delusional to what their console offers and claim it holy and all their games great. They for some reason want the other consoles to fail so that their preferred console "wins."

Basically the Skip Bayless of gamers..especially the way he feels about Jordan. (Look it up!)

uuaschbaer2003d ago

Well you've got to admire the ambition of this writer, if not his open-eyed naivety; next he'll be trying the same speech in front of football hooligans.