Activision: 2013 release date “should not be expected” for Bungie’s Destiny

Warp Zoned writes:

"The cat’s out of the bag. Bungie and Activision have given the world its first glimpse at Destiny. We all still have a lot of questions, but one of the biggest is definitely, “When can I play it?” Rumors abound that Destiny will be ready by the end of 2013, but Activision dashed those hopes with the game’s official press release, released this morning."

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jay21918d ago Show
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1917d ago

Black ops 3, Destiny 1, Black ops 4, Destiny 2, black ops 5, Detsiny 3.. I get it..

ziggurcat1917d ago

you forgot MW4, MW5, MW6...

FarCryLover1821917d ago

also the rumored Future Warfare from Sledgehammer and then FW2, FW3, FW4, FW5...... + ∞

Merrill1917d ago

What the hell was the point for their weak reveal on Sunday then? Idiots.

RaptorGTA1917d ago

I really think they expected people to be more excited by the little details they revealed. I dont know about everyone here but nothing was said to really start the hype train going...least for me.

NegativeCreepWA1917d ago

It was to introduce the world of Destiny to people, not the games them selves.

BitbyDeath1917d ago

Picked the worst time to stage a reveal.

Blasphemy1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

No surprise from the video they showed yesterday. They had press waiting 6 hours for a vidoc LOL I am still tripping off that one.