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New hints indicate Bungie's Destiny coming to PC and WiiU

DSOGaming writes: "Yesterday, we informed you about the possibility of Destiny coming to the PC and today we are presenting you some further evidence, indicating that Bungie’s upcoming “FPS with MMO elements” title may be coming to the PC platform after all. This information comes straight from Destiny’s official website." (Destiny, PC, Wii U)

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   923d ago
I hope so-

This would be a HUGE boon to the WiiU's Rep with the (so called) CORE.

As a Gamer it looks interesting too. I was never a Halo fanatic but I do realize it's place in history.
Blackdeath_663  +   923d ago
the fact that they didn't just say up straight that there will be a wiiU version shows some hesitation from devs to create games for the wiiu. i want to know the cause of this and im sure nintendo will too. a pc version will be a welcome sight.
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NintyJazz  +   922d ago
Nintendo is very secretive about the games released on their platforms; Watch Dogs, for example, is pretty much confirmed but hasn't been announced. They probably make them sign NDA's.
Blackdeath_663  +   922d ago
what good does being secretive do when you are being constantly accused or not providing a strong games library? if it means nintendo is going all out after ps4 and 720 are released that would be epic but do they have the resources to do that? risk losing the headstart in order to prepare against your rivals later doesn't sound too smart
Link079  +   922d ago
It's Nintendo their success is mainly down to good timing of info and releasing games and not clashing releases ect these devs can't wait to tell you their games are on wiiu,Ubi said last week they believe in WiiU seccess there's a clue they also said big games coming to WiiU.
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PopRocks359  +   923d ago
Would certainly be a nice inclusion. As long as they take the time make good use of the hardware (as in make it run as best as it can like Criterion did for Need for Speed) then it won't be a pointless endeavor. Would definitely give Wii U owners another core game to play, I've grown rather bored of Black Ops 2 as of late.

But yeah, I've said it before; this is an Activision title and as far as releasing games goes, they are not especially bias toward any console. Granted, they do focus a lot on CoD for the 360, but they still at least release the CoD games on all other platforms. I doubt this would be any different for Wii U or PC.
BigStef71  +   923d ago
It also mentions ps vita if anybody wanted to know which I think would be pretty sweet
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Sharius  +   922d ago
first i really excited about this event, but then i hear that is a FPS, i stop caring
Link079  +   922d ago
U can buy a 1tb toshiba HD for £40 who cares.

Plus you can just sell the WiiU game with a 250 GB HD For £70 ? no danger.

Even better an official HD from Nintendo will most likely be made avaiable in 1TB OR 2TB models i think.
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Bungie for everyone!! PC will most likely be the best version but 360 will most likely be the most stable version do to a love child called halo. Xbox will get all dlc 8 years early do a check oozy that MS his reloading.
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Whymii  +   922d ago
The first half made sense and then I got lost after the love child thing. I must be getting old because I have no idea what an oozy is? Do you mean Uzi? There was something about reloading. Hell, I have no idea what's going on there.

To add my two cents, yes the Xbox version should be stable given Bungie's experience. A PC version makes sense, as does the PS4 and the next Xbox. Wii u version is doubtful, but as an owner I would like to see it.
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HeroReborn  +   922d ago
I could see it for a couple of reasons

1) They mentioned it being on current gen consoles, the possibility of it being a scaled for next gen consoles.

2) Although we all feel indifferent about the Wii U it is more powerful than the current gen so if Bungie wants to run it on the Wii U it can along with some bonus features because of the pad

3) For this idea to work it seems they want to get a lot of gamers in the door, followed by micro-transactions for this to work you need users so the more platforms the better.

4) And finally last but not least if anyone can pull off this daunting task to me it can only be these two powerhouses of a gaming company
Whymii  +   921d ago
I agree with points 1 and 4. I think 2 and 3 are dependent on return of investment, which is influenced by the console install base. Currently the PS3 and 360 have vastly larger install bases and the wii u is being outsold by them month on month. This situation can make the wii u an unattractive proposition to developers and publishers. Time will tell...
MEsoJD  +   922d ago
I really hope it comes to pc.

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