New Chinese Movie Either Rips Off or Pays Homage to Asura’s Wrath

Stephen Chow, the guy behind Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle has a new movie out this month in China. It's called Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons, and part of it will look very familiar to gamers. Very.

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Dark_Overlord1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

The thing is, aren't they both based on the same piece of literature? The one that includes, demons, Buddha etc so there's definitely going to be similarities (Even Goku of DB was somewhat based on the monkey king, Oozaru mode anyone?). Though saying that, the tiny selective piece that is shown in the video is extremely similar :)

Either way, love Stephen Chows films so will definitely watch it :)

chaos-lockheart1887d ago

this movie was 5 years in the making, stupid article title.

Mounce1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Well, the whole Buddhist culture and myths have been around for how long?.... Heh xD Rips off a game that is a sci-fi twist on such a culture and subject is silly.

Only time it could be 'paying homage' is if like, they showed footage of the game or things of extremely similarity like, Asura having an Iron Man battery in his chest orrrr just simply very similar modeling and artistic style in SOME way or the other. *Actually goes to click the link now*

[Update] Well, to be honest.....the camera angles are blatantly WAYYYY TOOOOO SIMILAR....The camera zoom-in moments and what they cater or focus on about both characters? It's completely the same, the same movement, the same posture, same's honestly hard to say but it's far from coincidence, and I was one who thoroughly enjoyed the game.

sashimi1887d ago

Are kotaku serious? -_-

zerocrossing1887d ago

The answer to that is, no never.

TruthbeTold1887d ago

All of Chow's movies are parodies of various entertainment genre's.

baldulf1887d ago

The idea of giant gods crushing the Earth is not new (there is an old manga with an style almost identical to Asura's Wrath)

But in this case there is a rip off, the direction of the scene is almost the same if not identical.

Statix1887d ago

In this case, I would say it's a blatant... homage to Asura's Wrath. Stephen Chow is not so uncreative a guy as to feel it necessary to completely rip off a scene from another movie/game. He obviously did this on purpose, otherwise he would not have made the shot-by-shot similarities so blatantly obvious.

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The story is too old to be commented.