10 of Sony’s biggest PlayStation conference moments

OPM: With Sony planning potentially the biggest conference of its history this week we look back at previous shows and reveals to see how things have gone down in the past. Remember the time when…

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Bathyj1703d ago

No Kevin Butler E3 Gaming Speech?

It has to be the greatest moment at a press conference ever.

R_aVe_N1703d ago

yeah that was pretty epic XD

HITANDRUN1703d ago Show
Thatguy-3101703d ago

The giant enemy crab one is just hilarious. Love sony but that conference was just laughable. But look at them now :) Feb 20 here we come.


come 2 more days, and well have to move every one of these 10 moments down 1.

All calenders marked my brothers, it's comin'.

Shadow Flare1703d ago

No chewbacca?

This is a real treat of a year for PlayStation owners. Feb 20th and E3 are gonna be amazing.

I'm clearing my schedule. Get ready for the ps4 people

Lighter91703d ago

Too bad you couldn't get Homer watching the Super Bowl... He's fatter and eating more. (I think it was the Super Bowl)

Can't wait until Wednesday!

MasterCornholio1703d ago

Quick people crab your katanas and protect our village from giant enemy crabs.