Boy is Sony's PlayStation Vita in for a brilliant year

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Wow. Just wow. If there is any justice in this industry Sony is going to perform a complete 180 degree turn on the Vita and come out so competitive, if not outright on top."

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TheLastGuardian1644d ago

Wow, you don't see headlines like this on N4G everyday.

NewMonday1644d ago

Sony needs to bring more games west, Japan has more Vita games but the intsall base is bigger in the west

bicfitness1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

They clearly will. Look at the support Soul Sacrifice is getting. And since 90% of the Vita games are currently being made in Japan, they really have no choice. I bet that we'll see almost every one of those titles announced today over here by the end of 2013. Except for FFX HD (SE, just being SE) and the Legend of Heroes one.

Also, Aksys, Atlus, NISA and GungHo haven't announced their 2013 lineups yet. So we can expect more localizations on the horizon.

Muffins12231644d ago

There saving the 4G announcement model for the western press conference and there probably gonna show off killzone mercenary and some new uncharted game for western gamers..

Irishguy951644d ago

Europe has the biggest PS3 install base.

We have the least and worst of everything

Good_Guy_Jamal1644d ago

Mostly because they wouldn't be true. I mean how was anyone going to say that about Vita last year?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1644d ago

Go back to halo and wait for kinect 2 to be announced..

Outside_ofthe_Box1644d ago

Didn't know an opinion is fact now...

kenshiro1001644d ago

The least you can do is make a better attempt at trolling...

Ripsta7th1644d ago

I love how shutupandtakemymoney gets all butthurt at your comment that only states the TRUTH lol He isntantly assumes your a MS fan just because you said something about the vita. THis is N4G daily though, theres only a few here thast will have a gaming convo without getting their feelings hurt. Its funny though

Good_Guy_Jamal1644d ago

I do like me some Halo, I can't deny that! Right now though I'm busy playing my backlog of ps3 exclusives that I missed this gen since I only got my ps3 in October.
Back on topic however, Vita had a lousy 2012, so of course there weren't going to be alot of headlines like this one then. I don't see how that is trolling.

Outside_ofthe_Box1644d ago

Well the person you replied to wasn't talking about the Vita specifically though. He just made a general statement. Just putting that out there.

It's an opinion at the end of the day though. I bet there are some that disagree with this current headline.

Hicken1643d ago

How? Easy:

Actually having experience with the system and understanding what it's about. Being knowledgeable about the handheld's library, instead of that amazingly WRONG assertion of "haz no gaemz" that continues to be put forth.

As a gaming device, the Vita had a brilliant year last year. It saw abysmal sales, but that DOESN'T AT ALL negate how good the device and its library were, overall.

What? Call of Duty wasn't good? I guess that overshadows all the games that WERE good, somehow? So Gravity Rush, Uncharted, Need for Speed, Unit 13, Assassin's Creed, and everything else don't count?

Oh, but we can't count any games that are remakes or ports... or have the same name as a game/franchise on home consoles. This rule only works for the Vita though; we can't discount the 3DS' greatest games because they're ports or remakes, since it's a Nintendo handheld.

The TRUTH is that the Vita had a great year last year in all the ways we gamers should care about. Sales should, honestly, be the LAST thing on our minds.

MikeMyers1643d ago

Vita needs to be given a chance to breath, just like the Wii U.

andibandit1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

what GoodGuyJamal said was actually the truth, im amazed about how many vita fanboys are in complete denial. Last year the vita underperformed in every aspect, for gods sake Sony THEMSELVES adjusted expected sales from 16M units to 10 million(How do you estimate and get it 50% off the mark??)

Even though im rarely a fan of japanese games, i sure hope these new games will make the Vita flourish.

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Vanfernal1644d ago

Because the Vita is doooooomed! DOOOMED I TELL YA!!!! XD

GoldenElf1644d ago

If Wii U is doomed, Vita is doomeder. XD

nugnugs1644d ago

I think the correct grammar is 'More doomded'.

Timesplitter141644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

--- I wrote my comment in the wrong article. Pardon me, my lords ---

Snookies121643d ago

Thou art forgiven this day young pleb, lest you wish for your trousers to be set ablaze. It shall not happen again for the duration of a fortnight.

I have no idea what the heck I'm talking about...

darkziosj1643d ago

Everyone knew about half of these games and they are japan only i dont see the 180 degree turn Lol.

MultiConsoleGamer1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

@ TheLastGuardian

And the reason why is twofold.

1. The owners of this site also own many of these ridiculous fanboy sites.

2. They make sure topics like this get to the front page.

Now ask yourself why? Is this place really a "news aggregator" or is it really just a marketing device?

Look at the patterns and make up your own mind.

yeahokchief1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

@joysticks what are you talking about?

On topic:

Sweet if the Vita drops low enough I'll be insanely tempted to pick one up. It would have to be a deal on par with Amazon's Black Friday bundle at $170. I passed on that because I'm not a fan of the Assassin's Creed series whatsoever. Nothign against the series. I just don't want to have to play that game.

Target already currently has them on sale with a lego game for $200 but meh. i'd rather not own/play that game.

I don't really want to spend any money, but at $200 it's soo cheap!!

I'm actually tempted to buy one to maybe play older games. The newer games feel like they're trying too hard to emulate the power of the PS3. I'd rather they just took a step down and impressed me with something like a 2d rpg sidescroller with amazing visuals and fun touchscreen controls. Something like castlevania or the old metroids. I'd say if that new castlevania game came to the vita, i'd be more inclined to get one.

Actually I would probably pick up Rockstar's PSP games first. I never owned a PSP either so i'm wondering if those are Vita compatible. Probably just best off not spending any money and waiting to get lost in GTA V in September.

Soul Sacrifice will be teh only major exclusive that would really push me to pick up a Vita. Mercenaries doesn't look that appealing to me. Those little thumbticks look like they'd cramp my hands after an hour or two.

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Snookies121643d ago

I wouldn't be doing this if you weren't trolling with that comment, but...

No capitalization on either line?
Spelling "wut" instead of "what"?
A line break for no apparent reason?

That comment makes me cringe a bit... Sorry...

superterabyte1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

@Snookies12 Your comment made me cringe.

Snookies121643d ago

@superterabyte - Why? The dude was obviously trolling...

Sharius1644d ago

bring it on, my wallet is ready

superterabyte1643d ago

Wish mine was =(