PlayStation Vita Bonus Pack Comes With 32GB Memory Card

Aside from the regular bundle price cut at 19,980 yen, Sony will also be releasing a bonus pack with a 3G PlayStation Vita and a 32GB memory card for 24,980 yen, according to a report at

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bicfitness1859d ago

Vita + 32 GB = $249.99

Vita + 4 GB = $199.99

Perhaps a game will be bundled in. I think this is what we will see announced for the West soon (and something similar for EU).

MmaFan-Qc1859d ago

a 32gb is mandatory for the console, imo
(stil waiting for a 64gb since my 32gb, and two 8gb are already full.)

NewMonday1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

free memory card means the price cut is even bigger. would have announced a bigger cut for a standalone Vita for psychological effect, but now all the public knows is about a 50$ cut, dumb marketing.

Kamikaze1351859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

It was confirmed that the $199.99 model will include a 4GB memory card?

Edit: Nice! Thanks for the response. I hope they include a PS+ with could at least tie me over till Soul Sacrifice comes out if I get one.

bicfitness1859d ago

They're bundling them with 4GB now (and a game in many cases). I can see them making 4GB standard for a low end model. Especially with a 32 GB pack on the market for $50 more.

NewMonday1859d ago

dose have a free month of PS+

miyamoto1859d ago

$50 price cut is still very impressive
its the right message to the common consumer
well done Sony Japan

now for the west.....

Simon_Brezhnev1859d ago

Wish they offered that last November. I rather have 32gb memory card than COD.

PS4isKing_821859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

Oh god Sony please announce a vita for NA on Wednesday for $199 with a free 32gig memory card!!

I would so get one this year for that price.
Congrats to Sony for finally giving the vita some much needed love.
Hope we more at E3.

Blacktric1859d ago

Would you like free donuts with that too?

Pillsbury11859d ago

I want memory card price drops!

g-nome1859d ago

32Gig is essential for all the PS+ goodies. My 8 gig I got initially is hopelessly too small.

Skate-AK1859d ago

You're telling me. All I have is a 4GB.

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