New Dragon's Crown trailer, news in late March

GE: "Final Fantasy X HD wasn't the only long-awaited title to have made an appearance on Sony's PS Vita presentation today following a lengthy period of silence."

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PS4isKing_821973d ago

Looks like things are beginning to look up for the vita.
Now all we need is a price cut for NA on Wednesday :)

miyamoto1973d ago

this game looks very pretty
Its Sony's answer to Guardian Heroes HD

Xer0_SiN1973d ago

i had my sights on this game for a while. glad its almost time. has that old dungeons and dragons arcade feel to it.

r211973d ago

Stunning, just stunning. I want this now, too bad it'll be quite a while. Thankfully, Muramasa should hold me up till DC comes out :D

baldulf1973d ago

Been waiting for more news of this game.

If you loved the D&D arcades you have to love this game, and if you don't... You are dead inside.

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