Final Fantasy X HD resurfaces, first brief look

GE: "Final Fantasy X HD is alive, folks. The game appeared very briefly during Sony's PS Vita presentation in Japan today."

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Snookies121973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

The only good thing that was shown on that stream, and it was a few seconds of footage for character models on the game lol...

Yeah, a price drop was great to see, but no new games? What the heck? I was expecting at least one game announcement on that...

Sony better make up for this by blowing us away on the 20th.

DOMination-1973d ago

It was worth noting that every other title they showed had a release date. Even if it was just as vague as 2013. But this one didn't, so my assumption is, that we won't be seeing it until at least next year.

blitz06231973d ago

"An official announcement will be coming soon"
aka wait another 18 months for more details.

nrvalleytime1973d ago

Al-bhed we get more information soon. Square Enix wouldn't leave us Besaid ourselves for too much longer.

BinaryMind1973d ago

The fact that Square Enix can't even make a simple HD upgrade in due time tells me that this company no longer remembers how to make games.

izumo_lee1973d ago

You gotta remember this was geared towards the Japanese market & what they showed are games that have a lot of interest in Japan.

For the Vita to begin to climb out of the hole it is in, it first has to succeed in Japan. To get the Japanese developers on board. Once that happens we are bound to see more games & new games as well.

The price cut & the 'monster style' games are a good start. Now we will see if people are interested in the Vita with this price cut.

Nimblest-Assassin1973d ago

Yeah, but we knew about everything shown... something new is what everyone wanted

izumo_lee1973d ago

Yes we knew that these games already but like DOMination said above the majority of these games have release dates. So for the Japanese it will not be a long wait for them to play these game.

The sooner these games are released the better chance we may get them in the west. It was also to show that 2 of the most wanted games FFX HD & Dragon's Crown are both alive & well. That they are still being made & will be released eventually.

This was a Vita Game Heaven event that was probably was to be shown last year but games weren't ready just yet. So i believe something like this will be shown again later in the year.

The Vita is a different monster than the 3DS, & developing for it takes longer cause of its 'console like' capabilities. So as long as developers take the time to create good looking games on the system than personally i can wait to see what they come up with.

princejb1341973d ago

it doesn't only have to succeed first in japan
it could succeed everyone else but the major problem is they dont localise games
same thing happened to the psp where 90% of the good games were never localized and the 10% that were good games were from western developers such as GOW

2 games i would like in the vita right now is tales of hearts r and danball senki w

the big problem is their only in the asian market and are probably never going to be released in the west

LeonhartX1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Clearly this stream was for Japan so there were many games, i am sure that with vita's price drop and most of these games coming out feb/mar the vita will finally get the boost it wanted in Japan, as for us in NA/PAL i am sure they will blow us away on the 20th

GribbleGrunger1973d ago

Even if it was only Japan, I think it would have been wise to also include Tearaway and Killone. They need a market for those games over there too.

Muffins12231973d ago

they showed allot of monster-hunter like games also...

Outside_ofthe_Box1973d ago

Holy shiz so it's true that this is on the Vita. Can't wait to play FFX on the go!

showtimefolks1973d ago

Excited for it but what I like is how every other game shown had a release date.

I think 2013 will be a huge year for VIta. Once games start rolling in vita Will get a lot more support from other publishers once they see it can succeed

Now any shuld hold a conference to show all the games due for ps3 in 2013 that way by Wednesday it's all PS4

Dark_Eternal1973d ago

"Sony better make up for this by blowing us on the 20th."


DragonKnight1973d ago

How many people are Sony expected to blow? I mean, lip chapping would be a serious problem there.

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PS4isKing_821973d ago

Yes!!!!!! Thank god!!!!
2013 is going to be a record year for Sony and the playstation brand!

nigelp5201973d ago


sithsylar1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

I have thought about it and decided NO DICE! /jokes Isnt it funny and sad at the same time how we are looking at the past for good final fantasy games :(.

Qrphe1973d ago

I was at least hoping for the Type-0 Vita port but maybe it was just a rumor after all (much less localization at this point).

Good thing the fan ranslations of Type-0, Valkyria Chronicles 3 and Digimon Re:Digitize are being worked on.

sithsylar1973d ago

I know hey it hit me right in the feels.... Brings me back when final fantasy was so good.

Hellsvacancy1973d ago

It was the first thing that went through my mind, the second thing was *is this even in HD?" it doesnt look it