Nintendo Doomed? Hardly, Addressing the Wii U's Sales, Problems, and Future

Playeressence's Furious Francis discusses the Wii U's current place among the PS3 and Xbox 360, the critics, and Nintendo's strategy going forward.

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chadboban1974d ago

Lots of great points made in this article. Like I've said before, the Wii U will become more desirable once it's library expands and probably once a price cut happens (This will probably depend on how Sony and Microsoft price their next consoles). I know I plan on getting one by the end of the year for sure because I know the games available for it will be much improved compared to the offerings it has right now.

With a Vita price cut apparently right around the corner(if the news from Japan this morning is any indication) I know I'll pick one up as well. I'll get a PS4 too but not at launch though as I've promised myself that I would not buy any system at launch and instead wait for it's library to grow. The wait for the 20th is killing me though. Can't wait to see what Sony shows off. And thinking about whatever Nintendo might be working on(Retro Studios especially) has me very excited. 2013 is gonna be a year to remember and I'm glad to be along for the ride.

Thatguy-3101973d ago

It will succeed but it won't reach the success the wii reached. It will sell its fare amount of units but it won't be the number one sold console this gen

Fyflin1973d ago

The Wii U will be a totally different console once Mario, Mario Kart and Zelda show up. That's when I'll consider getting one anyway.

solboogie1973d ago

The Wii U is like the black sheep of consoles. The adopted child thats neglected who try's harder and outdoes its siblings.

So tired of the Nintendo's doomed articles day after day! If I didn't know any better I would think the media was trying to form gamers opinion for them? Social engineering, or just repeating what you hear without checking out the facts?

wiium641973d ago

oh my god, an honest article on the wii u! how did it end up here? oh well, it's so nice to see a fact based article and not some jerry springer bull crap from mike PUKE TER, UH ,PACHTER. the wii u is not doomed, i agree that the wii u has gotten off to a slow start, and just like the article says, wait until the fall, wii u will pick up in sales, and i wonder if PUKER will doom and gloom sony and micro soft if their machines don't sell that well when they come out.. we need more honest and fair articles like this one!! the economy is bad, and there are other factors to consider, big thumbs up to this article for setting things straight!

theWB271973d ago

It's not doomed...I for one am waiting to see what they do with the likes of Zelda n such...I admittedly will get the next Xbox/PS first though. Nintendo will be ok.

Apex131973d ago

The Wii U according to actual stats is performing the same as the ps2 did when it was released and is doing better than both the ps3 and 360 in the same time frame of release.

Shadow Flare1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Can I see those stats please? Not claiming you're wrong, I'd just like to see those figures since you brought them up. I'd gladly accept them if I saw them

It's just I saw figures for January sales of ps3, 360 and WiiU and the sales I saw showed WiiU doing considerably poorer then the other 2 in their respective points in their lifespan. Lest we forget one of them also cost $600 and wasn't released in Europe yet.

January 2013
WiiU - 57,000

January 2007
Xbox 360 - 294,000
PlayStation 3 - 244,000
Nintendo Wii: 436,000

TongkatAli1973d ago

The Vita sold better then the Wii U in its third month, but yeah, don't say that to these guys.

PopRocks3591973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )


Uh, no it didn't.

The Wii U sold about 57,000 while the Vita sold around the mid 30,000 area. So no, the Vita did not outsell the Wii U in January. Stop spreading false information while insulting other people who are factually correct.

Old McGroin1973d ago

@ Shadow Flare

Not exactly a fair comparison when you consider that the 360, PS3 and Wii had been on the market for at least a year by 2007 and had considerably larger selection of games by then compared to their first 3 months on the market, which is the time scale of the Wii U you are comparing them to.

Shadow Flare1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

@Old McGroin

Apart from Xbox 360 which I couldn't find it's 2006 January stats for, it's fair for the ps3 and wii because they released a year after 360 in 2006. So January 2007 is an exact comparison for the wii u. And PS3 cost $600 at that time.


The best official data I could find for xbox 360 2006 was February

February 2006 - 160,000

Found this for January 2006

Xbox 360 - 250,000

So the point still stands that in comparison, the wii u is doing pretty awful.

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Elem1871973d ago

That is what I don't get... The media is really coming down hard on Nintendo, yet the Wii U is still performing better then the PS3/360 launch. There was alot of negativity surrounding the PS3, it was a flop its first 3-4 years of life, but never were the articles like this today towards Nintendo.

The only way one can call the Wii U a flop is in comparison to the original Wii, and that might be a bit unfair as the Wii was a freak of nature in the sales department.

The Wii U will probabaly follow the N64/Gamecube in trajectory. It won't be the number 1 console this gen, but its going to be successful nonetheless, and we will see signs of that as the big titles start arriving this year.

RogueStatus281973d ago

Just like the 3DS, it will pick up momentum once it hits the fall lineup, Zelda Wind Waker, 3D Mario, and Mario Kart 8. Maybe even Retro Studio's Metroid will make it for fall.

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