Toukiden trailer, footage

Take a look at a trailer and some of the first gameplay of Toukiden.

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Godmars2901887d ago

Why can't the PS3 get an apparent Monster Hunter clone like this one?

Actually, why can't it get *This* one?!

Cloudberry1887d ago

"Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD" port that is. : P

profgerbik1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Buy a vita stop being a bum, it is by Tecmo Keoi so it's very likely to come to the PS Vita and it's not a clone.

I can't stand when people say that crap, everything comes from something. Monster Hunter was not the first game on consoles or even handhelds to use that concept or even the first game period to have, there were tons of PC games that have before it and Phantasy Star Online is truly the first game of that kind to ever be on a console.

So sure let's just say Montster Hunter is nothing but a clone of Phantasy Star Online.. See my point?

Also who knows with Gaikai, just maybe you can play this game on the PS3 once Gaikai is running. Don't see why they can't host PS Vita games on there also chances are you could just stream it on your PS3 or future PS4.

Godmars2901887d ago

"Buy a vita stop being a bum"

How about accepting that some people don't want to play handheld games?

sherimae24131886d ago

@godmars290 so why these hand-held haters begging for games that are exclusive on handhelds? cant have all the good stuff oni-chan ^_^

Dir_en_grey1887d ago

Almost all the games they announced today were monster hunter like 4 player action games.

So if people like monster hunter type games it is well worth getting a Vita for since that seems to be the main type of games appearing on Vita (in Japan at least, they just need to bring them out over seas faster)

miyamoto1887d ago

the prettiest game I have ever seen

andibandit1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Lets see

Young Protagonist, child or teenager - Check

White/Blue/Pink Hair - Check

Slender Body and Fashionable Clothing - Check

Impossibly Large sword, preferable at least twice the size of wielder - Check

Colorful palette, effort was made to use every single color known to man - Check

Urge to vomit - Check


preeeeettyyyy CoLoRs
---....---````Weeeeeeeèe eeeeeeeeeeeeeee muuuushrooooms`` ``---....- --

sherimae24131886d ago

complete pathetic troll - check

profgerbik1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

This has to get localized!

Zichu1887d ago

True that. Can't believe some of the games coming out on Vita. I'm getting excited, I must get a Vita soon...

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