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SonyNGP1799d ago

But I thought it didn't need a price-cut :/

Walker1799d ago

It needs, absolutely .

blitz06231799d ago

Wow. If the translator isn't mistaken, the 3G and Wifi only models will cost the same price. This translates to ~$200.

NewMonday1799d ago

that means 100$ price drop for the 3G model.

blitz06231799d ago

The NA price drop announcement will probably happen together with the PS4 announcement on Feb 20. Hopefully it will also start on the 28th.

NewMonday1799d ago

new Legend of Heroes game in 3D looks great, they must bring it over and fast.

hope Xseed games get the rights for this, they do quick publishing for the games they get.

nix1799d ago

i picked up Vita two weeks back... oh well.

zeee1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

^ You still have time to return it. And buy it again? Perhaps invest the extra money on a larger memory card (assuming you need one)?

On topic: VITA should do fairly well on $200. Sony of course needs to do a lot more with the software but this $200 price drop should entice a number of people are still sitting on the fence for the inevitable price drop (like myself :)

guitarded771798d ago

@ nix

That happened to me when I bought my first 360... kinda sucks. Oh well, at least you have a Vita.

I wonder if the rumors of the 4G model with the HDMI out are true. May be that the price drop is to clear out stock for the new model. I hope the rumors are true... I'll sell my Vita and get a new one. One of the features I want most is a video out... and a flash for the camera would be awesome too.

I expect Sony to drop the price in other regions on the 20th. It would be kinda silly to have it different prices in different regions. $200 is a great price for the Vita... especially if it included at least a 4gb memory card to get players started. I hope they announce some bigger memory cards (and cheaper) soon... my 32gb is full up, and I hate swapping cards... it messes with the menu icons every time.

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aceitman1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

that's what some people are waiting for. yes 3g and wifi will be the same price.

Snookies121799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

No it didn't need one, the memory cards did on the other hand. Regardless, whatever brings in more people to buy the wonderful device, I'm all for it. :]

bicfitness1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

There is a Japanese bundle coming with a 32 GB card for around $250 American (not a direct conversion, but still). I expect on Wednesday - or soon after - we'll see bundles like this:

Wifi/ 3G (they're the same price now in Japan) + 32 GB = $249.99

Wifi/ 3G + 4GB = $199.99

There should be a memory unit with every console, but we'll see. And if Sony really is going for the throat they could lower that latter bundle to $179.99. Or throw in a game with each bundle.

Great year to be a PS fan, that's for sure. Or a JRPG fan. Vita is getting slammed with games this year.

hot4play1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Such a debbie downer...
Dont spoil the excitement for everyone else.

Anyway, the price drop is obviously good news...

EDIT Theyre showing FFX HD now on USTREAM!

Snookies121799d ago

Yeah, that was about the only exciting thing on that... A quick glimpse at the new character models for FFX. No new game announcements or anything. I'm disappointed honestly...

yewles11799d ago

"But I thought it didn't need a price-cut :/"

It's been a year...

MasterCornholio1799d ago

Yep like I said before Sony isn't the type to PA Nick and announce a massive price drop shortly after launch.

Anyways this price drop was pretty obvious anyways ever since Sony said that they would lower it once the manufacturing costs drop.

But men doesn't really bother me because I bought mine at launch from Amazon at 220€ with an 8GB memory card included in the bundle.

Motorola RAZR i

SilentNegotiator1799d ago

Of course you had to go and be a troll and repeat what fanboys were saying, but everyone knows Vita DOES need a pricedrop.

ritsuka6661798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

A bare bones vita at $199 with no pack in game or no price cut in memory card is still unappealing for gamers.

3ds will still the king in in this market, regardless...

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Prodigy-X1799d ago

I guess the American announcement is coming Feb 20, 2013.

Tei7771799d ago

I'm not so sure, the japan price drop is timely because they've got around 6 fairly strong titles coming out in the next 2 months over there. The price will really inflate sales.

In the west, they could drop the price but theres nothing coming out over here til late april, it would probably have a very minimal effect on sales.

eldeladi1799d ago

Most likely scenario:
wifi and 3G model $199.99
3G model will be phased out to make room for
4G model for $249.99

Wild Guess: 4G model could be subsidized at $100 with At&t or Verizon's shared data plans. (Since those Succubus carriers make money per each GB you use.)

CatXFlash1799d ago

Yup ...Feb 20th is actually a world wide event do it will be streamed across the world throught the internet from NY. It is an event meant for the planet xD

GreenRanger1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

3DS price drop incoming.
@ Disagrees
Nintendo WILL drop the price of the 3DS.
Nintendo never, EVER go head-to-head with anyone, they always drop their prices when a company offers more for around same price.
They'll do it with the Wii U when the PS4/720 come out, too.
It's the truth, whether you like it or not and to be honest, it's a very smart move.

Theyellowflash301799d ago

LOL! More like Monster Hunter 4. 3DS will not get a price drop. Too much good software coming out for it.

animegamingnerd1799d ago

yeah with monster hunter 4 a price drop is unnecessary

xursz1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

I don't think monster hunter does too well in the west, to be honest.

edit: I looked this up to make sure and found that mh in general only pushes systems in Japan.

CaptainPunch1799d ago

Lmao the 3DS doesn't need a price drop.

YodaCracker1799d ago

Maybe there's still some hope for the struggling handheld.

DarkZane1799d ago

It's probably also gonna get a price drop for US and Europe, but probably gonna be announced on Wednesday.