PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC Wrap Up

Max Level: Overall, the two new characters Kat and Emmett provides a great addition to the game because of their unique characters. Kat is more of an aerial character where she can bring players toward her with the gravity attract move she does that can provide for some nice combos to generate AP...

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ps3vita4life1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Kat and Emmett are simply amazing. Especially Kat, her gravity moves are awesome. Emmett is more advanced but his supers are devastating. I also love the story between them.

ThaTruthMVP1974d ago

I like Kat's move set. She's just an altogether dope character

majiebeast1974d ago

Kat shouldve been in day 1. I love her move set this is real quality dlc also the heavenly sword stage is balls awesome.

whamlollypop71974d ago

Not only did they botch this game the dlc has the wrong characters where's crash, where's spyro. You got characters from a game that is on a console no one owns and the other is from a game no one downloaded.

Nicaragua1974d ago

waaa waaa waaa - change the record already.

they arent here, they arent coming, and most of the people who like this game dont care and are happy with the game they have got.

Skate-AK1974d ago

The funny thing is that everyone that has PS+ owns Gravity Rush. So much for no one downloading it.

Omar911974d ago

i still have yet to play on the new stage :( I play ranked matches all the time and nothing.

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