PlayStation Vita Web Presentation Tomorrow, With More Updates Pointing At a Price Drop Possibility With just a couple days prior to the much anticipated PlayStation Meeting 2013, Sony will be having a PlayStation Vita presentation, which can be viewed here. The details on what the meeting will be about has not been revealed, so we did a little digging around. The Japanese rumor mills have been buzzing with a lot of news regarding a possible price drop of Sony's PlayStation Vita handheld.

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andibandit1892d ago

Price drop???

How about giving me a MUST HAVE game that makes me ignore the price.

And none of that japanese
Suikoden Gaiden Gaea Bikini Squad Lollipops please, kkthx

AusRogo1892d ago

Uncharted:GA, Unit 13, Gravity Rush, AC 3 Liberation and LBP just to name a few.. dont interest you? Actually just curious.

EliteDave931892d ago

If Sony were to announce that R* is working on a GTA title for the vita i would be all over it.

xursz1891d ago

I think I read PSO2 is coming west this year. Get ready.

SolidDuck1892d ago

Phantasy star online 2, soul sacrifice, dragons crown, killzone, it's current lineup, and I'm sure some unannounced games for this year. All that's enought for me to buy one. But for me, no video out is a deal breaker. I hope they release a new model that has it. Psp had it. I don't get why they took it away. I'm not always on the go. I loved being able to hook my psp up to my tv when I'm at home, and just using it like a controller. I hope the vita has a good year tho, I think it has huge potential.