Gamer hops for 85 hours to set new Q*bert world record

Two men aimed for the 30-year-old Q*bert record this weekend. One got it after almost 85 hours on one coin.

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MmaFan-Qc2010d ago

and the first thing he said was: "hope brain no damage."

Relientk772010d ago

That's insane wow. I don't know if I could play a game for 85 hours straight lol

360ICE2010d ago

I downloaded Q*bert on PSN and played it for 15 minutes.
Still on my hard drive five years later.

Pillsbury12010d ago

It's morphin time! Hiya!

feels2010d ago

he must not have a gf :( like me ;(

Skate-AK2009d ago

Surprised he didn't get a blood clot from sitting down for so long. I read an article of someone dieing like that about a year ago from playing too much 360.