Dragon Quest X dated for Wii U, beta date, more

Square Enix announces Dragon Quest X Wii U date and beta date, shows the game's boxart, announces a Wii U bundle, and more.

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CaptainN1980d ago

We need an American release date already!!

ArmGunar1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Oh I didn't know, that's a MMORPG ... bad

FinalomegaS1980d ago

"Fans will be given the opportunity to download Dragon Quest X Wii U at a cheaper price if they already purchased the game on Wii. Square Enix will be offering a 50% discount for such consumers."

wow that's interesting.

DA_SHREDDER1980d ago

What's even more interesting how downhill Dragon Quest has gone? This series was the epitome of what jrpg's were.

stragomccloud1980d ago

Not sure what you're taking about there. VIII and IX were both spectacular.

FinalomegaS1980d ago

Shred' you are 100% correct on this.

Come the next round of excutive meetings and when they look at the graph of sales, i'm pretty sure they will fire the guy that came up with the idea of DQ & MMO = NO NO JAPAN

Make an off shoot version or something but don't mess with the core of the main version, that's guaranteed suicide.