Nintendo finally has its non-gaming killer app: Wii U Street View

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Overall this is a good sign that Nintendo does take non-gaming applications and partnerships with the likes of Google seriously. With any luck we'll see this strategy develop further - a partnership with Spotify, for instance, or a global movies-on-demand provider."

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shackdaddy1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

They should hide pokemon around major cities and landmarks and make people find them all.

Would be awesome. Probably would only take a small team too...

Agent Smith1923d ago

Naw, you're always going to get those stupid people who think those are real pokemon.

Snookies121923d ago

There are REAL Pokemon now!?!?!? *Runs off on an adventure*

Jadedz1923d ago

''Pokemon Snap 2 (with Wii street U integration).''

Great idea.

Snookies121923d ago

I would consider purchasing a Wii U if they did Pokemon Snap 2... I absolutely LOVED that game back in the day.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1923d ago

Great Idea

-I'm sure Google will allow it. Google is generally pretty open with sharing-

"Funny and Helpful" to most of the people on thread.

Muffins12231923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

awww shittt i cant wait for my killer app on this console...not like killer games matter for this generation anyway...

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WeAreLegion1923d ago

It's a pretty nice app. I tried it out last night. I wish street view were available on my street though... :/

shivvy241923d ago

Google Maps guys cmon , and their on phones too

MasterCornholio1923d ago

And tablets as well.

Which is why i wouldn't call this a killer app however if Nintendo had something like this on the 3DS it would be a lot more useful.

Link0791923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

I have it on wiiu and its basically google earth but with a panaramic camera ie better.

ElectricKaibutsu1923d ago

Regular paper maps guys cmon , and you can get them at gas stations too.

Honestly the app is pretty cool. Much better than I expected. The motion control works very well. They obviously put a lot of time into it (for some reason).

wiiulee1923d ago

lol everything about the wiiu is fantastic, gamepad, miiverse, tvii, street....its the only unique next generation system...not sure why nintendo is having such a hard time coming up with a few decent commercials showing that.....damn start hiring some high school kids to do the advertisements if its that hard for those working in that department to do it.

Qrphe1923d ago

"its the only unique next generation system"

Well, it's the most unique, and the least unique; it's the only next generation system after all.

GreenRanger1923d ago

Be sure to keep an eye out for murdered donkeys.

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