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Nintendo finally has its non-gaming killer app: Wii U Street View

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Overall this is a good sign that Nintendo does take non-gaming applications and partnerships with the likes of Google seriously. With any luck we'll see this strategy develop further - a partnership with Spotify, for instance, or a global movies-on-demand provider." (Wii U, Wii U Street View)

shackdaddy  +   927d ago
They should hide pokemon around major cities and landmarks and make people find them all.

Would be awesome. Probably would only take a small team too...
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Agent Smith  +   927d ago
Naw, you're always going to get those stupid people who think those are real pokemon.
Snookies12  +   927d ago
There are REAL Pokemon now!?!?!? *Runs off on an adventure*
Jadedz  +   927d ago
And there it is
''Pokemon Snap 2 (with Wii street U integration).''

Great idea.
Snookies12  +   927d ago
I would consider purchasing a Wii U if they did Pokemon Snap 2... I absolutely LOVED that game back in the day.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   927d ago
Great Idea

-I'm sure Google will allow it. Google is generally pretty open with sharing-

"Funny and Helpful" to most of the people on thread.
Muffins1223  +   927d ago
awww shittt i cant wait for my killer app on this console...not like killer games matter for this generation anyway...
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WeAreLegion  +   927d ago
It's a pretty nice app. I tried it out last night. I wish street view were available on my street though... :/
shivvy24  +   927d ago
Google Maps guys cmon , and their on phones too
MasterCornholio  +   927d ago
And tablets as well.

Which is why i wouldn't call this a killer app however if Nintendo had something like this on the 3DS it would be a lot more useful.
Link079  +   927d ago
I have it on wiiu and its basically google earth but with a panaramic camera ie better.
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ElectricKaibutsu  +   927d ago
Regular paper maps guys cmon , and you can get them at gas stations too.

Honestly the app is pretty cool. Much better than I expected. The motion control works very well. They obviously put a lot of time into it (for some reason).
wiiulee  +   927d ago
lol everything about the wiiu is fantastic, gamepad, miiverse, tvii, street....its the only unique next generation system...not sure why nintendo is having such a hard time coming up with a few decent commercials showing that.....damn start hiring some high school kids to do the advertisements if its that hard for those working in that department to do it.
Qrphe  +   927d ago
"its the only unique next generation system"

Well, it's the most unique, and the least unique; it's the only next generation system after all.
GreenRanger  +   927d ago
Be sure to keep an eye out for murdered donkeys.
wiium64  +   927d ago
i like this app, actually got to see my house, and surrounding area, just like nintendo tvii, i use my wii u daily, video games, tv remote, and i use this app, to help me relax, and unwind, the wii u is truly a great entertainment system... the future is bright for this very versital next gen gaming system.
AJBACK2FRAG  +   927d ago
Blasphemy! Retact your vile words and repeat after me,"Duh, Nintendo is doomed!". Now don't you feel a whole lot better? Mikey P is always wrong. Is this how you become an analysyts? He's the strike out king and is never right! Miiverse is very clever (Holy crap it's free also!). It's like Xbox Live but good. I love alot of the artwork I've seen on the 'verse and Nintendo gamers are so nice and polite. It's really quite a pleasure. All from the people that brought us Friend Codes! Unbelievable! I think it's the Sony fanboys (you know, "the Haters") that are going to be having a sad time in a couple days. Good Luck! Lol! If anybody get's a hankering to check out the PS3 section beware! It's very strange. They're all like "we" about everything or "we're" or "we'll" like, "We'll be getting that rip off of Super Smash Bros. real soon" or "We should be happy that the PS4 is going to be revealed soon." It's super freaky and any Nintendo fan, if they have some extra time should definitely check it out! Shudders...
Well take it easy guys, see you at e3. You know when Nintendo comes back hard. Should be very interesting!
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MegaLagann  +   927d ago
Some people may scoff at this but I really like Wii Street U, it's something i'd only use once of twice but it's neat and it's the perfect piece of software to show off to people who may not be into video games. For example had my Mom try it out and she was impressed.
RFornillos4  +   927d ago
i agree that it's basically an enhanced Google Street View. but it's not like Nintendo is hiding it, since it clearly states "Powered by Google".

but with the gyro and geomagnetic sensors, viewing in the direction of the gamepad is seamless, which makes it stand out on its own. although a killer app, for now I can't really say it is.
Link079  +   927d ago
Its google earth mate.
RFornillos4  +   927d ago
I know it's Google Earth, i'm referring to the feature of Google Earth that's called "street view".
Sano64  +   927d ago
It has a nice tour mode too
bullymangLer  +   927d ago
and the witchCraft continues
profgerbik  +   927d ago
For the people who think the gamepad features for this are new, tablets, android phones and the iphone can use the motion sensor also for Google Maps and Earth.

The store or business view also has existed in Google Maps for 2 years, so that isn't new either being able to view the inside of a place which some think it is. It's called interior view.

Google is not going to make something exclusive to Nintendo, as if they wouldn't have their phones or their tablets they all support using the same types of features if not more.

Nothing enhanced or special about it really, it's Google Earth + Maps on the Wii U just named differently. I don't think it deserves the title of a killer app.

I wish people would stop acting like it's better when it is the same thing on PC, phones and tablets.. just on a different device.
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ElectricKaibutsu  +   919d ago
Says the guy who never tried it...

I agree other devices use Google Maps with similar features but this is certainly the most polished version. That's about it really. It does the same thing but better.

I know, console wars and all that, but just give it a shot. It's a neat little app. It's not AMAZING but it's well put together.
young7yang  +   927d ago
its Google earth on crack!

the application is pretty sweet...

I was able to walk the streets of Bangkok, Thailand to find my old home since i forgot the street name.. i realize you can do the same thing on Google map but the gyro scope brings a whole new dimension to it.. also you cannot do this on ps3 or Xbox.. so i say 1 points goes to Nintendo for ingenuity!

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