Assassin's Creed III: Liberation writing wins big at WGA Awards

Assassin's Creed III: Liberation has taken out the award for Outstanding Achievement in Videogame Writing at this year's Writers Guild of America ceremony. Richard Farrese and Jill Murray from Ubisoft wrote a story that surpassed the limitations of the PlayStation Vita to take home the handheld's first WGA gong.

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NewMonday1947d ago

the story in Liberation was more interesting than AC3, the main console game was bigger but the story was boring, it would have bean more interesting if they kept the Grandmaster as the main charecter

Losyak1945d ago

Yeah, I felt like AC3 was way too drawn out - as much as I was having fun in the beginning, the ending was very forgettable, probably because I was just rushing to finish the damn game.

miyamoto1947d ago

Congrats Ubisoft!
AC III: Liberation was very special indeed for the Vita platform

TheGrimOfDeath1947d ago

Do I smell a Sequel Ubisoft?

Maybe this time you can remove the shitty Vita segments and make the game longer and more fleshed out without that game-breaking save file bug? :c

But like the article says, the story was indeed worthy of the title. Indeed a Vita title you must play if you have the chance.

Godchild10201946d ago

Maybe add a real or better Multiplayer.

TheGrimOfDeath1946d ago

I forgot to say that Ubisoft may be developing Ghost Recon: Final Mission as we speak. I hope that game isn't cancelled and that it's going to have an epic SP and MP like Future Soldier.

r211946d ago

They had better be working on a sequel! I loved this game.

Redempteur1946d ago

Save bug was patched ..those things can happen. what matter is that they took care of it.