What's Most Critical For PS4: Games, Cost, Reliability, Or Power?

There are many factors to consider when shopping for a new console; which of these sit atop your priority list? Which will be the most important to you?

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A combination of all of them. Powerful, reliable console with many great games and a good price point is the way to go.

MightyMatt1012003d ago

All of the above! They will deliver on games so check that off. I don't think Sony is dumb so I expect a $399 price tag and as far as hardware goes if rumors are true then it should be a significant leap over the PS3. At least with my experience the hardware is pretty reliable mix this all in with Gaikai and you have a pretty good package that I'm sure will get gamers excited.

platformmaster9182003d ago

In order and for me I'd say
1. Games
2. Power
3. Cost
4. Reliability

I'm not worried about reliability (never had a problem with a Sony console and I've owned 4) or power (I'm betting it and xbox will be largely the same and be able to do 1080p 60fps). I hope it's $400 but I would be willing to go to $500, just not able to buy as much with it. Games are mainly a concern as far as launch titles go. I know with their first party studios they will come, I'm just hoping it's sooner than on PS3 where we didn't get much until holiday 07 (Tools of Destruction sold me). Also I hope for BC on a higher end model and would pay $500 for that easily even if there was a $400 model because I could sell my 500gb PS3 for around $200 probably if I knew PS4 would have BC.