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Submitted by legendoflex 1085d ago | opinion piece

New Super Mario Bros. U Didn’t Unseat Super Mario World

GenGAME writes: "For New Super Mario Bros. to produce a title that truly claims the title of “worthy successor to Super Mario World,” Nintendo is going to need to get over this content problem. They’re going to need to stop making new games basically remixed level packs and start producing actual expansions to Mario’s world like they did back in the 80s and 90s.

"The saddest part is that they haven’t been shy about doing this in the 3D games – we explored Peach’s Castle in Super Mario 64, Delfino Island in Sunshine, and the vast galaxies beyond Mushroom World in Galaxy – but in New Super Mario Bros., it’s been the same old worlds over and over and over again." (New Super Luigi U, New Super Mario Bros Wii, New Super Mario Bros., New Super Mario Bros. U, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, Wii U)

Root  +   1085d ago
""The saddest part is that they haven’t been shy about doing this in the 3D games – we explored Peach’s Castle in Super Mario 64, Delfino Island in Sunshine, and the vast galaxies beyond Mushroom World in Galaxy – but in New Super Mario Bros., it’s been the same old worlds over and over and over again"

Well isn't that because this isn't the systems 3D roam around Mario game. It's just a quick launch game by making a HD New Super Mario game. The real Mario game is yet to come and it better not be Super Mario Galaxy 3, I want something new and fresh....hopefully it will be an open world type game, the Wii U can handle it now. It could be massive to explore the world of Mario GTA style....the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowsers dark region, deserts, forests, snowy moutains and a ton of ways to move around the map....unlockable karts, cars, bikes, Latikus cloud, glide on rivers with an ice power up or fly around with your cape power up.

It could be amazing if they pull it off right and make it massive.
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legendoflex  +   1085d ago
Mr. Iwata said there will be only one NSMB game per generation. Unless he was lying, this is the big 2D Mario game for Wii U. But yes, it's also still a quick launch game that didn't have much thought put into it... and that's the problem.

I'd love to believe there'll be more bigger and better games to come... but I'm just not seeing it with the way Nintendo has been treating the series.
PopRocks359  +   1085d ago
If Super Luigi U is any indication, I think any further advancements they make to the New Super series on Wii U will be through DLC. Unless they do something pretty big with the next version to make it significantly different from others.

One thing I'd like is for a brand new New Super game with some fresh ideas and a remake of an older game included using the new engine. Online multiplayer too. That'd be nice.

I like the NSMB games for what they are, but I totally understand at this point why people are disappointed with the feeling of monotony they may feel from them.
Gr81  +   1085d ago
Agree 100%
If Nintendo put in half the resources into the 2D Mario Series that they did the 3D Mario series we'd get something special.

You'd think the market reactions were reversed the way Nintendo has treated this series. 2D Mario games used to be given the royal treatment, now they are given recycled music and recycled's embarrassing..I'd be embarrassed to release something to the world with such a half assed effort.

2D Mario is the series that skyrocketed Mario to icon status..3D Mario marks his decline..and Nintendo treats 2D Mario like a spinoff. Could you imagine the consumer backlash on the internet if Nintendo recycled music on a 3D Mario game or Zelda?

In any case, changes are coming. Selling 55K is abysmal, its barely treading above Vita territory. This is unacceptable. Hopefully Nintendo gets back to pleasing the consumers instead of self indulgence and pleasing themselves.
TruthbeTold  +   1085d ago
I don't think it's about pleasing themselves so much as it's about pleasing the shareholders. Nintendo shareholders have built a business culture there that plays out with the game strategy. As long as they can release a NSMB U and sell 1 for every 3 consoles sold, why should they put more money into it? Same thing with the idea of a full effort 3D console pokemon RPG. Why should they do that, and spend 20-30 Million dollars, when they can sell 20 million copies of a pixelized or low polygon count game that cost 1 million or so to make?
legendoflex  +   1084d ago
Attach rates are one thing, but it really bites Nintendo in the butt when they come at the cost of a install base. GameCube had the best attach rate of any Nintendo platform, but also an AWFULLY small install base.
Kamikaze135  +   1085d ago
I'd love to see a sequel to it with different themed worlds than what we're so used to seeing...or return of old ones like the dinosaur world from Super Mario World. That with high quality graphics, amazing textures, more unique bosses, etc.
Jadedz  +   1085d ago
Ubisoft out did Nintendo in the 2D realm
Rayman Legends is every bit as epic as it looks.
WeAreLegion  +   1085d ago
Agreed. It was a fun little title, but nothing special. It's like a 3rd party made the game... :/
TongkatAli  +   1085d ago
Loved this game, but there was one thing that annoyed me about it. The same two themes kept being played over and over again.
Kevlar009  +   1085d ago
Super Mario World is so amazing it would be difficult to top. It is a masterpiece through and through. I would very much like to see a true 2D Mario with smooth visuals. The map and all the secrets it held gave me great joy throughout my childhood. To this day it is one of my top games of all time. Tbh, NSMB is a modern day Mario 3, not World. A part of me would like to see World stay in its current state, it is without blemish, an "untouchable" if you will of video games
BigStef71  +   1085d ago
I wish they would go back to the old art style and level design that was present in 3 and world that made those games unique. They just need to get rid of the 2d sprites. They should use the art style Rayman Origins and Legends used
WeAreLegion  +   1085d ago
Agreed. I want the old look back. :( I miss it. It's like hand-drawn vs. CGI. I love both, but I'd like to have both available.
8bitHero  +   1085d ago
can you keep yoshi after you complete a level? i hate that they take him away after a level in galaxy 2 & how he worked in sunshine. i freaking love having mah yoshi with me 24/7
kingPoS  +   1085d ago
Timeless classics like Super Mario World never die.
Don't they realize that people want a fresh new Mario game. It's just rehash after rehash. I hate to say it but it seems Mario been stymied by the 3D effect. It wouldn't hurt them to use 2D sprites again... right? It's one reasons I still play games like Scott vs the World or Closure.

Fans have clamored for a 2d sonic title, but were handed more 3d versions instead. I'd like to see at least one 2D sprite based Mario or Sonic game before 2015 but I'm not gonna hold my breath.
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GARBAGE LICKER  +   1085d ago
I think this game is amazing and should be considered the best along with Mario Bros 3 and Mario World. The Star World is something else, getting the coins and beating the level was hard as hell
megamanX2   1085d ago | Immature | show
hellvaguy  +   1085d ago
Mario WiiU co-op and competitive modes alone make it better than Mario world for the replay value.
StrawberryDiesel420  +   1085d ago
looks like the franchise is beginning to languish a bit, it's milked pretty hardcore.
legendoflex  +   1084d ago
Games are being made at about the same pace now that they were in the 80s and the beginning of the SNES era (if anything, they were coming out FASTER in the 80s), with the main difference that there are two platforms for them to appear on.
Chrono  +   1085d ago
Nintendo should stop making these, and make a Mario game that feels more like SMB3.
tweet75  +   1085d ago
To me nothing beats discovering super mario bros in 1986 all super mario games after are just improvements and variations
wiium64  +   1085d ago
with super luigi u, mario bros u , will definitely, have more playability for fans, and for any one who has followed the game, mario bros. u is an homage to super mario world, so that's why it is so much like mario world, it was never meant to replace it. i love the game and now with super luigi u 82 more new levels will add alot of depth to the game, and do you even remember the levels from mario world? yoshi island, vanilla dome, donut plains, there were no deserts or ice worlds, so what are you talking about???? just another nintendo hater, really, do your research, before you print garbage like this ok?
Xer0_SiN  +   1085d ago
are you serious right now? super mario world was greatness; the snes was greatness. new super mario and the wii u, not so much. it probably didnt even outsell mario tennis on the virtual boy..."worthy successor to super mario world" LOL.
jacksheen0000  +   1085d ago
I noticed a lot of Nintendo franchise has sifted since the GameCube days. it went from being a graphically intensive games with average game play, to amazing game play with tone down graphics.

This is the case with Mario sunshine and Mario Galaxy.
Mario Sunshine in my opinion has better graphics than Mario Galaxy although I will admit that MG game play is a lot better than MS.

So why not give us both? I want MS graphics & art style to return with better game play mechanics on Nintendo's next Mario Galaxy.

The same goes for Zelda. My bet is The next Zelda Game won't look anything close to the Zelda Tech demo because it seem though Nintendo can't give us both, graphics and game play for some reason.

Why can't Nintendo be more like Microsoft and Sony? Both Sony and Microsoft franchises have to evolves both visually and playability.

I just wish would take their franchises to new height. No more of this up and down crap.
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