Bungie says 'nobody plays shooters the way they used to'

Destructoid: "A lot of news on Bungie's new shooter Destiny has come out this morning, and while it looks like an interesting game, there hasn't been a PC version announced by the Halo developer. Something said by the studio's co-founder, Jason Jones may bring some light as to why there might not be a PC version of Destiny."

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Kamikaze1351980d ago

I've always played shooters with my hands and plan on keeping it that way.

zeal0us1980d ago

I believe Bungie isn't talking about control-wise.

CoD is to blame for the FPS being so dumb-down nowadays. That and publishers thinking that adding MP will draw more sales. In the end adding MP doesn't result in more sells for most titles and ends up taking away time and work that could be put in SP.

Kamikaze1351980d ago

I thought the sarcasm in my post was fairly obvious.

vickers5001980d ago


Honestly I thought your post was a jab at motion controls or a statement that you will never play a shooter without a controller.

I didn't detect any sarcasm in your post.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1980d ago

I wonder if the console devs realize it's because of consoles.

OhMyGandhi1980d ago

Why do you think Call of Duty's multiplayer dumbed down shooters?

da_2pacalypse1980d ago

Wait, you guys use your hands? Maybe I should give that a try when my trigger toe starts getting tired.

madpuppy1979d ago

Why do people on N4G use the word "sells" rather than "sales" ?

EG: In the end adding MP doesn't result in more "sells" for most titles and ends up taking away time and work that could be put in SP.

Is this some sort of British vocab thing? or possibly ignorance?

Kurt Russell1979d ago

As a Brit, I can honestly say it's not a British thing.

DanSolo1979d ago

Yeah I second Kurt Russell on that one.... I am English and we would say "sales"

It's not a Brit thing, it would be more an ignorance thing. But in Zealous's defense he does say "sales" first in his comment and then changes to "sells", so it was probably just an easy mistake in his case.... I can't speak for any of the other instances you mention on N4G though.... I'm guessing that's down to stupidity!

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Root1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Because people still think if they make most FPS like COD then it will result in them getting higher sales when it fact most of the time it gets them lower sales.

The worst part about this is that they never try to do anything different because of that.

Has anyone played Singularity, not the best game in the world but it took some chances in it's gameplay and the addition of the TMP gave the gameplay some great level design and puzzles, a game like that with a better studio and more time spent on it would be amazing. However it didn't do very well, it's a shame the ones who try and be different are the ones who suffer the most

Sorrow241980d ago

That team is now part of the COD team... :(

I really enjoyed Singularity.

ShadowKingpin1980d ago

Singularity was easily one of the most under-appreciated games of this generation next to Enslaved.

blackstrr4111980d ago

Singularity reminded me of bioshock

DevilishSix1979d ago

I thought Singularity was pretty good and Ativision was the publisher, they took a chance on the game and it didn't sell well. Activision takes alot of flak and most is warranted but publishing Singularity was a nice change.

madpuppy1979d ago

Love Singlarity, mood, unique levels, cool concept.

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Hellsvacancy1980d ago

I dont know what Bungie are talking about, I have LOADS of fun playing Battlefield 3

talisker1980d ago

That's true. But try to find another game which is like BF. Almost all of today's MP games are COD-like, which is really Quake-like (reflex based 1:1 encounters with running around like mad). Even DM modes and CQ expansion in BF3 are COD-like. TDM in Bad Company 2 was something completely different.

Those games cater to teenagers and casual players who have quick reflexes but getting experience is too difficult and tiresome for them. They usually have their ass kicked in Conquest though.

e-p-ayeaH1980d ago

Maybe alot RPG elements added to it can definitely make it alot more interesting wasn't that why Deus Ex 1 is considered one of best games of all time?

And the answer is yes because it wasn't just a shooter but alot more than just that.

Summons751980d ago

That's true. I remember the beginning days of Xbox live when everyone was respectful and you could have intelligent conversations or actually work as a team to play intense matches of ctf or capture the hill and make some good friends. Now it's just 12 year olds screaming and no team work or strategy, just run and gun....thanks call of duty.

guitarded771980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

It was like that for the PS3 in the beginning too. When the consoles released, many kids couldn't afford a 360 or PS3, or their parents weren't gonna spend that kind of money on one, so you mostly had working adults and young-adults playing. It's nice that the consoles dropped in price, but one of the side effects is kids start showing up to the party.

e-p-ayeaH1980d ago

metal gear online and warhawk...

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