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Submitted by Lavalamp 1087d ago | news

Bungie says 'nobody plays shooters the way they used to'

Destructoid: "A lot of news on Bungie's new shooter Destiny has come out this morning, and while it looks like an interesting game, there hasn't been a PC version announced by the Halo developer. Something said by the studio's co-founder, Jason Jones may bring some light as to why there might not be a PC version of Destiny." (Bungie, Destiny, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Kamikaze135  +   1087d ago
I've always played shooters with my hands and plan on keeping it that way.
zeal0us  +   1087d ago
I believe Bungie isn't talking about control-wise.

CoD is to blame for the FPS being so dumb-down nowadays. That and publishers thinking that adding MP will draw more sales. In the end adding MP doesn't result in more sells for most titles and ends up taking away time and work that could be put in SP.
Kamikaze135  +   1087d ago
I thought the sarcasm in my post was fairly obvious.
vickers500  +   1087d ago

Honestly I thought your post was a jab at motion controls or a statement that you will never play a shooter without a controller.

I didn't detect any sarcasm in your post.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1087d ago
I wonder if the console devs realize it's because of consoles.
RustedMan  +   1087d ago
Why do you think Call of Duty's multiplayer dumbed down shooters?
da_2pacalypse  +   1087d ago
Wait, you guys use your hands? Maybe I should give that a try when my trigger toe starts getting tired.
madpuppy  +   1086d ago
Why do people on N4G use the word "sells" rather than "sales" ?

EG: In the end adding MP doesn't result in more "sells" for most titles and ends up taking away time and work that could be put in SP.

Is this some sort of British vocab thing? or possibly ignorance?
Kurt Russell  +   1086d ago
As a Brit, I can honestly say it's not a British thing.
DanSolo  +   1086d ago
Yeah I second Kurt Russell on that one.... I am English and we would say "sales"

It's not a Brit thing, it would be more an ignorance thing. But in Zealous's defense he does say "sales" first in his comment and then changes to "sells", so it was probably just an easy mistake in his case.... I can't speak for any of the other instances you mention on N4G though.... I'm guessing that's down to stupidity!
Root  +   1087d ago
Because people still think if they make most FPS like COD then it will result in them getting higher sales when it fact most of the time it gets them lower sales.

The worst part about this is that they never try to do anything different because of that.

Has anyone played Singularity, not the best game in the world but it took some chances in it's gameplay and the addition of the TMP gave the gameplay some great level design and puzzles, a game like that with a better studio and more time spent on it would be amazing. However it didn't do very well, it's a shame the ones who try and be different are the ones who suffer the most
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Sorrow24  +   1087d ago
That team is now part of the COD team... :(

I really enjoyed Singularity.
ShadowKingpin  +   1087d ago
Singularity was easily one of the most under-appreciated games of this generation next to Enslaved.
blackstrr411  +   1086d ago
Singularity reminded me of bioshock
DevilishSix  +   1086d ago
I thought Singularity was pretty good and Ativision was the publisher, they took a chance on the game and it didn't sell well. Activision takes alot of flak and most is warranted but publishing Singularity was a nice change.
madpuppy  +   1086d ago
Love Singlarity, mood, unique levels, cool concept.
Hellsvacancy  +   1087d ago
I dont know what Bungie are talking about, I have LOADS of fun playing Battlefield 3
talisker  +   1087d ago
That's true. But try to find another game which is like BF. Almost all of today's MP games are COD-like, which is really Quake-like (reflex based 1:1 encounters with running around like mad). Even DM modes and CQ expansion in BF3 are COD-like. TDM in Bad Company 2 was something completely different.

Those games cater to teenagers and casual players who have quick reflexes but getting experience is too difficult and tiresome for them. They usually have their ass kicked in Conquest though.
e-p-ayeaH  +   1087d ago
Maybe alot RPG elements added to it can definitely make it alot more interesting wasn't that why Deus Ex 1 is considered one of best games of all time?

And the answer is yes because it wasn't just a shooter but alot more than just that.
Summons75  +   1087d ago
That's true. I remember the beginning days of Xbox live when everyone was respectful and you could have intelligent conversations or actually work as a team to play intense matches of ctf or capture the hill and make some good friends. Now it's just 12 year olds screaming and no team work or strategy, just run and gun....thanks call of duty.
guitarded77  +   1087d ago
It was like that for the PS3 in the beginning too. When the consoles released, many kids couldn't afford a 360 or PS3, or their parents weren't gonna spend that kind of money on one, so you mostly had working adults and young-adults playing. It's nice that the consoles dropped in price, but one of the side effects is kids start showing up to the party.
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e-p-ayeaH  +   1087d ago
metal gear online and warhawk...
GreenRanger  +   1087d ago
Nobody makes shooters the way they used to, Bungie.
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Hufandpuf  +   1087d ago
They are saying that no one plays shooters like they used to with a mouse and keyboard. It's Bungie's jab at PC gaming stating they revolutionized the FPS genre to fit it for consoles.

Note that Destiny is not releasing for PC.
Feralkitsune  +   1086d ago
Why are people disagreeing with you? D-toid originally had this titled just as that before they changed the title.
"Bungie Says Nobody Plays Shooters with A Mouse and Keyboard"

Was the first title they had on it. They changed it so quickly.

The link still works.
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Hufandpuf  +   1086d ago
Because gamers like to believe sensationalist media sites that claim to report honest journalism, but really just change things out of context so that uninformed readers will be on their side and pay attention to their content.
GoldenMonkey34   1087d ago | Spam
profgerbik  +   1087d ago
What is Bungie talking about? They moved to console and left PC to die along with the rest of them, not hard to see the reason why FPS were dumbed down.

They just can't be played the same on console. Have some professional CoD player get on a PC with a really expensive mouse and it is pretty pathetic. Or how about have a professional CoD PC player, play one who plays on console. The guy on console is going to get raped.

Mouse and keyboard is just way more precise than a controller. I just don't get where Bungie get's off bringing this up. They were one of the FPS that started this trend of putting FPS on consoles alongside CoD when they started doing the same abandoning PC users.
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Mainsqueeze  +   1087d ago
The only reason why a pro console shooter pro wouldn't do as well with a mouse and keyboard is because he wouldn't be used to it. The same exact thing would happen to a pc shooter pro using a controller.
Killzoner99  +   1087d ago
Bungie is a washed up studio , they don't have any right to say how we play our games. This just looks like Halo version 2.0 so thanks but no thanks I'll stick to my Sony exclusives which blow this trash out of the water.
Mainsqueeze  +   1087d ago
Hmm that's weird, i wonder why you only have one bubble...
ritsuka666  +   1087d ago
Says the guy avatar of Killzone....
wiium64  +   1087d ago
that's right, because when they change the control scheme of a game, like the metroid prime series, people, are like, what? this doesn't play like cod, splinter cell, 007, the control lay out is different, you have to search and solve puzzles?? it has wonky controls!! wwwwaaahhhh!! i hate it!!
shooters are not allowed to be different, they all have to play exactly the same so fan boys do not get out of their comfort zone. we have to learn a new way to play a game?
the majority of people who play fps these days, just want, loud noisy shooters where you are constantly shooting things. and that's it. people who call themselves hardcore gamers, do not even know the meaning of the word hardcore. gun and gut gamers is a better word for these people.. let them play a real hard core game like zombi u, a shooter that is so different and challenging, one bite and you die, it's a survival game, you just don't go around with guns ablazing, you are trying to survive.. and what are many gamers like with this unique game play? IT SUCKS!, IT'S CONTROLS ARE WONKY, IT'S GARBAGE!
translation. it's a slow tension building, thinking man's shooter, and many shooter fans hate it, why? because it's different.. zombi u will never come to sony or microsoft, why? it would bomb!! it changes the way a shooter is played, and to shooter fans, that is a big no no.

that is why shooters will never change, many fps fans don't want change, they want shooters to stay the same, just look at the game THIRTEEN, for the 360 and the ps3, wind waker style graphics, unique and different gameplay, high critical praise, and a shooter, and it BOMBED!! my neighbor has a 360 and i played the game and it was really fun, i wish the wii u would get a version of it, but because it was different it bombed, so the only way shooters can change, is the gamer has to change, if not the we will be stuck with cod 2315 the ultimate mass edition, and endless clones and sequals, and that is just what gamers will be stuck with. and i know this is talking about playing with a mouse and key board, but i think even this applies to what i say.
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soniqstylz  +   1087d ago
Reminds me of the complaints about Killzone 2. And then changing the controls back to fit the broshooters absolutely killed KZ3.... among other things.
Unicron  +   1087d ago
I just miss weapons on the map. No perks. No load outs. No unlocks outside of cosmetics or skill rankings. Just you, the map, and your enemies on even terms. Sigh. Good ole days.
Flipgeneral  +   1087d ago
I hear ya brother..

The carrot on the stick keeps people playing reducing trade ins etc.. Too bad they don't realise that a FUN game and not a grind house keep people playing!
karlowma  +   1087d ago
Don't get me wrong, I love Halo, but that's a pretty unfounded bullshit statement.
TemplarDante  +   1087d ago
*reads title*

*sniff sniff*

smells rat.
Microtransactions is what they are aiming at.

I will never pay $60 for a game that relies on microtransactions. Such games should be free Day 1..

Activision.. oh how you pull marrionette Bungie's strings!
you sir are correct!
Look at what the preorder box says.,
"From the publishers of Call Of Duty and the creaters of Halo" ...
That just tells me.. their using that to money grab.
Bungie or not.. Im approaching this with caution..
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Truthandreason  +   1087d ago
While i like hating on Activision as much as anyone, Bungie choose to align with them and are in control of their own *ahem* destiny...

If they can get away with wallet rape they are probably going to do it and they probably thought Activision gave them their best chance.
ninjagoat  +   1087d ago
Not intrested in this Activision will milk this for every penny and will milk everyone aswell. Here comes timed maps exculsives weapon dlcs armour.

Far as i can see from the vidoc its like Halo. In the right place this wasn't a bad thing now multiplat and with Bobby K this is a nightmare.

I can already see that grubby little fcuks dollar signs glowing green in his eyes. Ive no intention off helping him fill his pockets more.

Had enough bad experences from COD to last me a lifetime. I have no doubt Bungie will make a great game but beyond the game itself. When it comes to the content you will want when everyone else gets it.

The nightmare will ensue and if you think you are gonna have the type off servers Halo was granted haha never.

I dare you to buy this on anything other than the xbox god help those wanting it on anything else. Its a complete joke ask me anything.

Im a multiformat gamer and ive no intention off buying it anywhere thats because i just know better.
StrawberryDiesel420  +   1087d ago
Hey watch what you say about Kotick, he's a genius.
WitWolfy  +   1087d ago
Well thats ironic their kinda indirectly bashing the company their working for now LOL Seeing Activision publishes every COD...
isyourhouseonfire  +   1086d ago
PC gaming is dead and developers will lose money if they keep developing for it. It's time for game developers to thank the PC industry for what it has done and bid it farewell.

I think that is the main reason behind all of this.
kevnb  +   1086d ago
kevnb  +   1086d ago
im guessing it will come out on pc, this is that weird marketing technique we see over and over. Piss people off and everyone talks about your game, we havent even seen anything about it yet.
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kesvalk  +   1086d ago
dunno about that, i am still using mouse and keyboard...
JeromeNtheHouse  +   1086d ago

Not saying this is the sole reason, but I believe with COD being so easy to get into in terms of jus playing the game, people don't wanna take the time to set up a game like back in the day. Where you would pick which server to play on, what maps to play, how many people u wanted to play with, etc etc. Instead people jus want to get in and play. "Forget setting up the game, I jus wanna press "A" or "X" and play".
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