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Has the 3DS become a desirable handheld console finally?

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ryandebraal1978d ago

I have been questioning whether or not to pick up a 3DS for awhile now.

I have 50 DS games (and 10 useless gameboy advance cartridges) so I love my mobile gaming, but that one "killer title" I've been waiting for just hasn't made me take the dive, though that new Fire Emblem is tempting...

ShugaCane1978d ago

Fire Emblem : Awakening is to the 3DS what Persona 4 the Golden is to the PSV, seriously if you like tactical RPGs you shouldn't even hesitate. And if you don't want to buy the 3DS for one game alone, don't forget Ocarina of Time 3D and RE : Revelations.

FriedGoat1978d ago

Pretty unhappy with my 3DS since launch, not really any of the games compare to the content/quality of half my vita games. 3DS games all seem way too short and feel lacking, whereas I've spent a good 20+ hours on some vita games and got the platinum. And that's without even playing persona yet (comes in a few days)

FriedGoat1978d ago

3 3DS only owners disagree, 1 owner of both agrees.

stragomccloud1977d ago

@Fried goat
I own both and the 3DS gets way more me time even outside of just gaming. I take my 3DS everywhere I go because of the streetpass feature.

FriedGoat1977d ago

@stragomccloud, I'm sure /s
Streetpass got boring after about 2 weeks.

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Conner67421978d ago

I'll buy a 3DS one of these days......

bwazy1978d ago

Samesies.... I just have to find the right bundle... And the money for it >_>

Venox20081977d ago

monsta hantaaa bundle! :)

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1978d ago

3DS simply has no games that interest me , the games just simply are not aimed at me.. what i want on a handheld is gta, proper final fantasy, MGS (With proper long SP campaign) and if those games are gonna come out its gonna be on the vita.

RTheRebel1978d ago

Pope stop being a fanboy

DEATHxTHExKIDx1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Proper Final Fantasy coming to Vita eh? Explain why FFIII and FFIV came to DS and not PSP? If they remade FFV and FFVI shouldnt they continue the cycle and put them on 3DS?

Just sayin.

Whoops my mistake FFIV is on PSP just not all 3D. I actually own the Complete collection as well as the DS version.

WeAreLegion1978d ago

FFIV did come to the PSP...

It was the Complete Collection.

Good job.

TongkatAli1978d ago

Nintendo platforms never got VII, VIII, IX, X and XII. Just saying.

Kingthrash3601978d ago

Eeeeeeennnnnttttt .....wrong answer.

stragomccloud1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

@we are legion
FFIV on the PSP was just an upgraded port of the orginal.

The after years game was just a port of a Wiiware title with all of the dlc included.

FFIV on the DS was a full on remake with cutscenes and voice acting so I think you can hardly compare the two.
That is why I have FFIV for 3DS, but I also purchased FFIV for psp(to play on my vita) so I can play the after years as well.

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Benjaminkno1978d ago

I like the 3ds, it's really taking off as well.
I'm just not that in to mobile gaming.
My idea of mobile gaming is carrying around my android or laptop.

I'd like to get one if they came out with a brand new Zelda, even though I haven't played Minish Cap or HourGlass. Ironically, my favorite Zelda is Link's Awakening.

Rob_P1978d ago

3DS has turned out to be a great little handheld. But I do have to wonder what Nintendo has planned next. The various phones and pads of the world are just going to become tougher and tougher competition...

Venox20081977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

I have disagreed only about mobiles :) still I think deep experiences will still be on dedicated gaming machines

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