How to Actually Build a PC for Crysis 3

Another site, which shall remain unnamed, has recently posted a detailed video for building a PC for Crysis 3. Please refrain from following this video as it states many bad tips and requires unnecessary spending.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1949d ago

I have an i7 3770k oc,d 16gb 1600mhz ram and a overclocked gtx 680, should run it on ultra.. we will see

linkkjm1949d ago

Well, I would hope it would...

Reverent1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

I have an A8-4500M APU, 1.9GHz, 6gigs of ram, and a 7770M+7670M Dual Graphics card (A medium build pc in short), and even I can run the game on medium-high(ish) settings at a playable frame rate (At least when I played the beta). Pope Kaz here should have zero issues running the game on ultra lol.

I haven't much liked Crytek's attitude this gen, but I have to respect that they have built one hell of a good looking and well optimized game here.

OhMyGandhi1949d ago

my heart is just fluttering with admiration...

karlowma1949d ago

Irregular heartbeats are no joke.

Eyesoftheraven1949d ago

I actually have a pacemaker and am now saddened.

ChrisW1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

I have an i5-750, 16Gb 1888Mhz RAM, GTX 680, and a 180Gb SSD... Running on a ASUS Maximus III Formula Motherboard.

And I hope that I won't be able to run on ultra.

After all of the hype, it would be quite embarrassing for Crytek if it did.

JedMan19851949d ago

Looks like you'll have no trouble.

TooTall191949d ago

If the final product is anything like the mp beta, it's going to push your 680. With my 670 I ended up turning the settings down to medium in order to get 60fps 1080p.

Rebo001949d ago

Depends what resolution you're going to run it at, obviously something at 800x600 on Ultra is a lot easier on the system than something at 1920x1080 or greater :)

aawells071949d ago

You're well aware that your specs will run that game. I think you just wanted to share your specs with everybody. Bragging? I think so. D....e

TooTall191948d ago

His specs won't get 45fps @1080p on ultra.

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"Dude your getting a Dell!"

Muffins12231949d ago

Lol,they are talking about ign's video that they recently posted on how to make a pc for crysis 3...

TheSuperior 1949d ago

Glad to see someone with a brain give instructions this time...

Funky Town_TX1949d ago

Does everyone just pirate their OS? I never see the OS cost in any of these.

DragonKnight1949d ago

"Does everyone just pirate their OS?"

Pretty much. Microsoft tries to rape everyone with the cost of Windows. $150? No thank you.

Pandamobile1949d ago

I've bought an OEM copy of Win 7 just so I had a legitimate OS.

It's only supposed to work on one computer, but I've installed in a dozen times on half a dozen different computers.

DragonKnight1949d ago

"I've bought an OEM copy of Win 7 just so I had a legitimate OS."

Wow really? You're literally the first person I've ever heard actually say something like that. Especially since OEM copies of Win 7 are all over the place, and methods of making them "legitimate" are as well. But hey, it's your money of course. I think most would buy Windows if it weren't so prohibitively expensive or bundled with your average PC. Windows 7 costs as much as many PC parts that arguably are more necessary and thus worth the price.

ChrisW1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )


When you buy a new PC (or just a new Motherboard), you can call Microsoft and have them transfer the KEY to the new PC. That is, if you have a legitimate copy.

BTW, I have Win7 Professional and received it for free through my University. Many people do not realize that their University gives for free or sells OSs (both Win & Mac) at a greatly reduced cost ($20 or $30).

Also, here's a link on 7 ways that you get an OS for free or cheap:

aliengmr1949d ago

Got Vista Ultimate (full) from an MS employee for free.(friend of a friend) Then picked up Win 8 upgrade for 70$. Recently got the OEM of Win 7 for 100$ because Win 8 is just plain ugly.

I won't questionably procure otherwise legal software unless there's a good reason.

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karlowma1949d ago

It's kind of a hassle to work with a pirated OS. Worth the cost, IMO.

TheModernKamikaze1949d ago

Not that hard really,
assuming people read the instructions, which most often don't.

vickers5001949d ago

Plus it's a pretty big risk. You never know whether or not somebody has embedded some crap into the OS. Back when I was really into trying out different OSs on my extra pc, I ran into an infected operating system about 65-70% of the time.

So when I built myself a new computer, I decided not to take a gamble and just bought myself a new copy of Windows 7, and haven't regretted it at all.

DragonKnight1949d ago

It's not really a hassle. If you know what to look for, it always comes with instructions that are usually pretty straightforward and easy to understand. Mostly revolving around stuff like "DON'T GET THIS UPDATE!!!" The risk is with loaders, as if you mess up you need a Windows disc to fix the problem.

As for infected OS', that's what reading comments is for. If the comments are generally positive and most are sharing the software, then you can be reasonably sure that it's a clean DL.

Qrphe1949d ago

It's so easy, how do you think all those Win users in all those third-world countries manage to use Win when it costs so much?

I'd say it even works for Microsoft this way.

vickers5001949d ago


I read the comments on those OSs, most of the comments were positive. Reading feedback doesn't guarantee that it's safe. A lot of the times, people who know very little about the topic will comment, and will post a comment immediately after they download it or get it installed, and instead of trying to find the exact link they downloaded it from and warn people against it, will just say F'k it and find another OS to download. Also, there are quite a few people who aren't knowledgeable enough to tell whether or not their computer is infected.

For a casual/intermediate computer user, there's no way to be 100% certain that the OS you download isn't infected in some way.

karlowma1949d ago

I didn't say it's difficult, I said it's a hassle.

It's worth the $150 to me for an OS that I'll use for the next 5 years without having to worry about updates, security and compatibility.

Granted I got my copy of Win 7 for free through work, but I have purchased copies for the systems I've built for friends and family.

Pandamobile1949d ago

Yep, I had my pirated copy of Vista go belly up, so I figured I'd just invest in a legitimate version and avoid any potential future hassles. Plus it's not even that big of an investment. It's less than the cost of two games.

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