SCEJ Will Be Having A Vita Presentation Today

SCEJ will be livestreaming a Vita presentation later today on UStream. It will be given by Hiroshi Kawano the head of SCEJ.

No word on what will be shown.

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JoGam1798d ago

If this is the case then maybe they are using FEB 20th just for the PS4.

Godchild10201798d ago

That is a US/NA event. And this is a Japanese event. I don't really think they would show off new Japanese games at a US/NA event. Unless they are coming to the states as well, but how many new Japanese based games come to the states? I guess we will find out, right?

SilentNegotiator1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

nvm (misread)

Aww, man that's 2am for me :(

DOMination-1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

The announcements in order, as far as I understand it (it's in Japanese)

* Phantasy Star Online 2 with silver Vita 19,800 Yen
* Toukiden by Tecmo Koei for PSP/Vita. Looks like hack n' slash
* Soul Sacrifice trailer
* Interview with Inafune.
* Seemed to be two versions of the game. One for 4900 Yen, and one 5900 Yen. Not sure what the difference was though
* Red Soul Sacrifice Vita with artwork on the back for 24,000 Yen
* Trailer for Valhalla Knights 3
* Some JRPG.. sadly the title was in Japanese. Doubt it will come to the west but it looked pretty decent.
* Gundam Breaker for Vita/PS3
* God Eater 2 trailer. Vita/PSP with "adhoc party" feature
* Interview with some producer guy from Namco Bandai about God Eater 2.
* God Eater Burst.. UMD Passport feature. No idea what that is.
* Dragons Crown by Atlus. A 2D side scrolling dungeon fighter w/rpg elements
* I think a price drop for Vita for 19,980 Yen. Not sure how much it was before though?
* The caption appears to show all models being the same price.
* FFX HD on Vita/PS3. Showed a brief video of Tidus and Yuna standing around. I guess this was just to say it was still in development. No release dates mentioned even though all the other games mentioned had one, even if it was just 2013. So I guess this won't be out until next year.


And that's the end. Sorry if some parts were vague, but thats the best I could do.

Axecution1798d ago


Nice! Thanks! Bubbled up

NewMonday1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

the new RPG is Legend of Heroes, this time in good looking 3D.

Sony must make these games come to the west, they are completely stupid if they let these games stay in Japan and wait for other publishers to do it. what makes it important is that few 3rd party games are made in the west for the Vita.

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sinncross1798d ago

I should point out that the official website states, in Japanese, that it is a pre-recorded video. So its not a livestream as the description implies it is.

Either way, I expect some new games like the original PSV Heaven event provided. But how many of those will make there way to Japan is up in the air. Granted, I think Dokuro was first mentioned at the PSV Heaven event and that made it to the West, so definitely looking forward to this. Should be home from work when this starts. Cant wait

guitarded771798d ago

It's at 2am where I live... I think I'll just check back in the morning. I have work early, and an exam in data structures after that. If it were a PS4 announcement, I would go into work late and risk my GPA, but this is news I can get in the morning. Hope I wake up to something good... this week is gonna be awesome, especially if Sony start Monday off with a bang.

GribbleGrunger1798d ago

Well no matter how BIG the announcement today, it can't overshadow Wednesday, so there's a good chance it COULD be something significant so that it frees Wednesday up for all out PS4 news!

boldstarr1798d ago

i'm so exited
and i just can't hide it!! (dancing)

DOMination-1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

* double post, sorry.
Check my post above for the announcements

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Arai1798d ago ShowReplies(1)
Prodigy-X1798d ago

Ahhh Snap!!!!! Let The Games Begin!!!!!!!!

3-4-51798d ago

Exactly..This is everybody who owns a Vita's chance to preview possible upcoming games.

freezola751798d ago

Questions for you all: so is there a possibility that Home will be on the Vita at some point?

Would you utilize it?

What could we be seeing new to the Vita and what would you want?

Whatever it is I am super excited for it! Peace

GribbleGrunger1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Yep, streamed through Gaikai! Unless they'll wait for HOME2 on the PS4 and stream that instead. Bubble SIR!

UltraVegito1798d ago

MGS Vita
Final fantasy X HD
Vita price cut/revision
(Some sort of megaton)


and wow sony is on a roll this week with hype.

extermin8or1798d ago

those would be at the meeting on wednesday or e3 for mgs i'd expect :p

Mounce1798d ago

When I read your post, I misread and thought you said:

(Some sort of Megatron)

I was like, wait WHAT?!

PS4isKing_821798d ago

Sony is controlling the gaming news lately like a boss!!!!
I feel like I'm back in 2000 when ps2 news was everywhere you turned.

I knew kaz would get them back on track.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Kaz will be on cnn next week. maybe. Sony should do shows like nintendo direct. Sony direct would be nice. Instead of always waiting for e3.

Shadow Flare1798d ago

Hopefully it will be like the last time Kaz was on CNN

Root1798d ago

I think they could just show a reel of Kaz GIF images then at the end have bullet points of whats new/coming out and we would be fine