How Games Like Ni No Kuni Help Us Become Better People

Video Games have been getting a bit of a bad rap lately, so Flynn from takes a look at Ni No Kuni, a game that teaches some important lessons about morality, to show a more positive side of video games that many have overlooked.

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cmurdurr1855d ago

Great game. One of the best JRPGs in years, I think.

no_more_heroes1855d ago

Well then, its the most fun I'll ever have learning about Virtue Ethics.

e-p-ayeaH1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

classic j-rpg worthy stuff its not just gameplay and story there´s meaning even in the little things unlike many modern rpg´s.

Baba19061855d ago

hate this, its like saying, that GTA makes us thiefs, and assasins creed makes us killer. =D dont give games so much power... u can play ni no kuni and still high five your mother with a chair in her face. =D

i love the game though =D

miyamoto1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

We need more games like this.