100° - Gears of War Judgment Hands On Impressions

"From the campaign to the multiplayer, Gears of War: Judgment is not a Gears of War 3.5 as some have proclaimed it to be. It is a different direction for the franchise, taking us back to the origins of some of the series’ most beloved characters. It makes me wonder where the series can go from here. Even with the doubt that I had visiting Cary, I can honestly say that my negative feelings have been squashed."

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KODxfactor2009d ago

It was a lot of fun....squashed my negative thoughts

bestofthebest2008d ago

How different is horde mode

otherZinc2008d ago

Yes, Horde Mode is fantastic, can't wait!

Can't wait for the campaign and campaign co-op!

I've been playing all 3 Gears games getting warmed up for Gears Judgement! Can't wait!

m232008d ago

I think he's confusing Horde Mode with Over Run. Over Run is a new MP mode based on Horde and Beast Mode. Survival Mode will be the Horde equivalent in Gears Judgment. No details have been officially shared for Survival as of yet.

bestofthebest2008d ago

can't wait for the demo on march 15th im counting the days

Jek_Porkins2008d ago

Really looking forward to it, if you pre-order at Walmart you can get 3 Gears games for the price of one.

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