Aliens: Colonial Marines Review at Skewed and Reviewed

Gareth at Skewed and Reviewed has posted a review of the new Aliens: Colonial Marines. He cites the linear gameplay and character animation as issues with the game nbut things that the game has been the subject of some unfair venom.

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Garethvk1887d ago

I had this sent to me today. Great video that shows the changes in looks from the demo to final that have some people furious.

shivvy241887d ago

Gearbox are just an average developer , they got lucky by messing with Borderlands graphics cause im pretty sure everyone knows how the graphics were before it changed

MysticStrummer1886d ago

Everyone apparently expected Gearbox to do something they've never done, which is to make a game with amazing graphics, story, and gameplay. I went into A:CM with low expectations and I enjoy it. *shrug*

Garethvk1887d ago

Thats an interesting point. Borderlands were big hits and great games no questions. But the rest has been a mixed bag of late.