The Ultimate Hunt: Why You Should Play Monster Hunter

GameInformer: "Capcom’s Monster Hunter Tri servers shut down in April, but the upcoming release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Wii U and 3DS on March 19 promises to invigorate the series. As a veteran hunter who started fighting dragons and other beasts on day one, I’m here to tell you why this series should be on your radar."

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jujubee881703d ago

If a new one came to the VITA. =_=

Beetey1703d ago

I used to feel the same way, but finally decided just to get a 3DS. I hate having to buy a whole new system to play MH, but such is life.

Myst1703d ago

I wish they would have stuck with this -->

"This drew an apology from Capcom's representatives, who went on to say PS3 owners should "wait for further announcements in the series." They also pointed toward Capcom's multi-platform strategy, and therefore could not deny the possibility of Monster Hunter appearing on the PS3, in some form, some day. "

But oh well, I'll probably buy 3 and 4 on my 3DS anyway just to scratch that itch it left me with.

PurpHerbison1703d ago

Original reason that I even got a PS3 was cause Capcom announced "Monster Hunter 3" for the PS3. So I get a PS3 and a few games to occupy myself with and shortly after that it changed to "Monster Hunter Tri" as a Wii exclusive. All of my hate.

N4g_null1703d ago

I think I'm getting another 3ds just so we all can play co op on the wiiu and 3dsxls! It should be epic!

sdozzo1703d ago

Would love it. But, this is what will push me to buy a Wii U. Exactly what they wanted.

Irishguy951703d ago

Get the one on the Wii. One of the best games on it

Plus...before people judge it...

At least - Play up until you fight the...Big Raptors. Because that's the first time the game shows itself with it's proper hunting type of gameplay

Before that is fetch quests and killing minor **** that where tracking, traps and preparing weapons or buying bombs etc don't come into play

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wiium641703d ago

i am getting the wii u version, who says wii u doesn't have anything coming out? this game is going to be huge, and with lego city, need for speed, pikmin 3, wonderful 101, wii u is going to have some big titles leading up to the e3, and then that's when nintendo will reveal the big ones, 3d mario, 2 zelda games, smash bros. mario kart, more from bayonetta 2. monster hunter tri ultimate is just going to be the beginning, it's already a hit in japan for wii u, and i think it will get things going for nintendo america as well, i cannot wait to get this title!

PFFT1703d ago

Incoming DEMO this week!!!!!
My body is ready!

solboogie1703d ago

I need a game to play badly.

RogueStatus281703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

the Sony drones flagged that as "immature" ...

PopRocks3591703d ago

Sony fans want to enjoy a 3rd party game on their respective platform. Nothing wrong with that. I just hope everyone recognizes that the Monster Hunter series needs to be supported in order to have future installments made, especially on other platforms.

RogueStatus281703d ago

Sony fans are retards that's what they are.

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