Possible Insider Information Posted About Pokemon X and Y

The internet is at it again with possible insider information leaked about packaging blurbs for Pokemon X and Y including information about how many new Pokemon will be in the game.

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Root2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

"Over 130 brand new Pokemon"

When we used to get new Pokemon it was always 150 like the first gen

Their slipping

If they added new types like space/cosmic similar to Deoxy, mutated like ones (Muk could be one for example) or added a digital type (Polygon) they could come up with much better creations.

AztecFalcon2003d ago

Yeah you know that number makes me think the rumors about two new types in X and Y is false. Only 130 doesn't sound like two new types involved.

Hopefully "over 130" means closer to 150 then we're thinking.

TruthbeTold2003d ago

I'm sick of 'garbage pile' pokemon, and gears and machines, and more and more versions of the same type combinations. I'd much rather they focus on about 20 or 30 new pokemon with each new entry, and put their all into them. We REALLY don't need ANY more normal type HM slaves, Flying Normal types, Fire Fighting, etc.

Too many of the Pokemon already released are worthless or near worthless. Quality over quantity I say.

ABizzel12003d ago


That's not true. Gold and Silver only had 100 new Pokemon, from 151 up to 251.


My guess is there'll likely be a light type, and many of the older pure types are going to get a light type addition, especially the Pink Normal types like Blissey line, Clefable line, etc... Sound type sounds so dumb, and I hope that's not an addition.

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GenericNameHere2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

"When we used to get new Pokemon it was always 150 like the first gen"
I assume you've never bothered to look at your Pokédex before?
Gen 1: 1-151, 151 new Pokémons
Gen 2: 152-251, 100 new Pokémons
Gen 3: 252-386, 135 new Pokémons
Gen 4: 387-493, 107 new Pokémons
Gen 5: 494-649, 156 new Pokémons

Gen 2-4 were under 140 new Pokémons each, let alone 150. It wasn't until Unova that we got finally got a region that had more new Pokémons than Kanto did.

Johto only had 100 new Pokémons introduced, but Dark and Steel still got introduced (although, only a few got the new typings).

Garbage pile Pokémon? There's only 2 of them in the entire Pokédex. How are you sick of sick of it already? There's not that many of them, same for Gear and Machine like Pokémons. And the normal starting birds and normal rat/raccoon/whatever Pokémon are tradition now, since there's been one every gen so far. That would be like changing the traditional Grass/Fire/Water starter selection.
I also agree with Quality over Quantity, but Pokémon prints money. They won't listen to us fans. The more Pokémon they release, the more merchandise they can make money off of them.

On topic
Over 130 new Pokémons seem way too many for an even numbered Generation. I'm gonna say somewhere between 110-120, no more, no less.

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wingman32x2003d ago

I certainly hope that existing pokemon will have their evolution chains expanded. There's still a lot of room for babies and 2nd/3rd evolutions in the pokedex.

On another note, I just realized that X/Y are going to be the third set of pokemon games in 3 years. That's crazy. After this they should wait a bit like they used to.

AztecFalcon2003d ago

They'll have a sequel like Black/White 2 or a definitive version like Crystal or Emerald. After that I can see them taking some time off.

RockmanII72003d ago

There will also be a Ruby/Sapphire remake, I'd guess 2014 will be an off year then in 2015 and 2016 we'll see the 3rd gen remakes and either Pokemon X²/Y² or Pokemon Z.

kirbyu1998d ago

There's no way this is legit. But I'd love for it to turn out to be just because it would be so shocking.